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  1. Not much activity on this site folks. Looks like its been dead for a long while. I'll search around to see where folks have gone to. Cheers!
  2. I think the cast brass burners are going to be hard to beat. They are solid and hefty, so expect they will outlast just about anything. The internals are rather simple, the heat dispersion shields or grates are just stainless, a heavy gauge sheet, with solid ceramic briquettes. Not too much to wrong there but suppose this will be the area that gets the heaviest wear and tear. The grill grates are also very heavy gauge welded stainless steel rods, so gain, don't expect much to go wrong there. All in all looks like a well built solid machine as compared with anything I've seen on the Home Depot floor. And Home depot has started selling the Sedona by Lynx, but one quick look and you can see it is just a cheaper version of the original. The smoker box is also very heavy gauge SS, all 304 but I haven't given it the magnet test yet.
  3. I just purchased my first Lynx 27" w/rotisserie. Its on a stand and is LPG. I did a lot of researching and kicking tires before springing the money for this unit. It was a floor model and they gave me a hefty discount I'm pleased to say. I've only grilled on it once this past weekend but it performed well. Needs to get broken in. I'll post more details and photos as I'm excited to try out the rotisserie.
  4. Another newbie, to the forum that is. Been grilling since I was knee high. I finally stepped up or out to a Lynx grill after my last Vermont Castings finally rusted away its base. Hope to share and learn from all of the gang here.