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  1. With 60,000 btus, a power burner would be used by some pretty large pots, like those used for crab, crawfish, shrimp boils. Safety and like DrDave said view-stir ability.
  2. I just joined this website. Is there any new info on the future of BBQsource.com?
  3. Thanks for the review. I just purchased the exact grill and double side burner. We considered the single power burner but just didn't want to spend double the $$ for it! I realize this is a dated post but do you happen to have any pics of your framework without the grill and side burner ?
  4. I just purchased the BLZ 32 in 4 burner grill based on the online reviews. Waiting to build my island before I can comment further. Thanks for the reviews!
  5. Hello, we just purchased the Blaze 4burner drop in grill. It's still sitting in my garage in unopened box so can't really comment on its looks. It seems to get good reviews. We purchased from BBQguys.com (LA) and you can pull images of the grill you're considering there.
  6. Hello all, i just discovered this site yesterday and have been reading the very informative posts. We are waiting for our stamped concrete patio (30X16) to be poured before I construct our L shaped island. I already purchased Blaze equip including a 32 in 4burner grill, double side burner, 16X16 sink (CW only drained to a dry pit), refrigerator and 2 access doors, drawers. I'm located at Lake Norman, NC.