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  1. http://www.oconnorhardware.com/ O' Connor hardware in Billerica ma, has a new ranch kettle display marked down to $399 from $999, it is in mint condition and i a hell of a deal, the wife would kill me if i took it home. i don't know if someone is local enough to take advantage of it.
  2. First i have to say i love this grill, but have had the drip tray over flow with rain water twice this week. (We finally got some rain up here.) What a PITA. No i don't have a cover, still on backorder, but thats what the weber rep said to do to stop the problem, cover it when its raining. Which when you think about it,makes me pretty mad, we should not have to "BUY" anything to keep a $1700 grill from making a mess of itself and my deck. Hell, my old weber was never covered and never had a drop of rain in it.
  3. It cleaned up nicely
  4. From craigslist, a red performer, complete with cover. It's in great shape, only a couple of dings in the hood $75.00 pics to follow.
  5. Any reason too, or not too? My thought after reading some post on the forum and the chips buring up, is to get the briquettes and wood chips going with the smoker burner and then just letting the briquettes keep them smoldering, as opposed to the open fire, which might raise the temp too high. I'm going to do some ribs this weekend, and think i might try it, unless there is a reason not to that i am missing.
  6. I was at a friends house for a BBQ last weekend, and he served these great steak and chicken cuts on a stick, like teriyaki when you go to the Chinese place, but with a non Chinese marinade. There were great, made a nice appetizer, so i asked him how he made them, as i should have know, he bought them ready to cook. I want to make my own, but don't know what cut of beef would i get the teriyaki type steak out of, anyone know?
  7. After not hearing from the vendor as of Friday, I decided to call and see what the status was, how surprised was I when the woman said " Oh, yes Mr. Ferrari, it is here now, it showed up on Wednesday" I didn't know whether to jump for joy like a little school girl, or unleash the full wrath of a man who had not had lunch let on her for not calling me on Wednesday. But, before she could say another word I told her I was on my way. Waiting till Friday was actually a good thing since I was able to blow off work for the rest of the day and head over to pick it up early, which I would have had to do late in the day on wed, and then sit and look at in the back of my truck because I had to coach my sons pop Warner football team on wed and Thursday. So as I dance into the Expo pick up area, only to be greeted by Bob, who was less than happy he had to stop trying to tickle his brain via a nostril to get my grill. This is the time I usually like to have some fun with the pick up attendants when I am picking up something rather large. Bob says, You have a truck right? Its a big box!" I said, "actually no, the salesman said I could fit into my explorer" ( which I had chosen because there was one in the parking lot when walking in ) The look on there face at this point is usually " yea...right", the look quickly turns to oh...sh!$ as I point to the explorer out side the door. I would usually have more fun with this as I explain in detail my plan for making it fit, but today was not a day to fool around, so I gave him the good news, that I had a big pickup to load it into. While driving the few miles home, with my prize in the back of my truck, I was imagining all the fun that lie ahead this afternoon, the unpacking, the beer, the setup, the beer, the first burn, the beer... when I realized it was 12 o clock in the afternoon, NONE OF MY NEIGHBORS WERE GOING TO BE HOME TO HELP ME UNLOAD IT! As I explained my new dilemma to my wife (who mind you, did not share my level of joy on this fine day, go figure!) I visually scanned up and down all 5' of her thinking is there any way she can help me? Before I could finish the phrase, "do you think you?" my suspicions were confirmed with a hearty, "Don't even think it" As I sat, bummed, staring at the grill in the back of my truck, trying to figure out what neighbor would be home first, a sudden rush of joy came over me as I realized the similar heights of the back of my truck and my back stairs to the deck. At this point I knew there was nothing that a little "redneck engineering " couldn't overcome. To keep this brief, I will skip all the details for now, but let's just say it involved a couple of 2x8x8 planks, a furniture dolly, a couple of beers a roll of duct tape and a football helmet. In my rush to get this done before my wife returned from a quick trip to the store, i didn't have time to take any pictures of the engineering masterpiece at the back stairs. My wife surly would have tried to put the kibosh on the plan, she just doesn't understand my engineering brilliance. Within a half hour, were happy again. For the first meal i figured i would stick with an old standby, but with a new twist. A pair for chickens on the rotisserie. Having done a ton of rotisserie chickens on the old weber, i knew what to expect and knew at least my first meal in the 650 would be a success. The twist was, i was going to cook them a bit slower and use the 650s smoker. Having tired various ways of smoking on the old weber with limited success, my expectations were low. But i got the birds prepped, soaked some apple chips and had at it. And i must say i was impressed with the 650s smoker burner and bin. It produced a ton smoke, that lasted a long time, i added a small amt of wood twice while cooking which was very easy to do. I think i am going to have some fun with this "bad larry". My wife immediately noticed the different flavor, smell and even the look of the birds.
  8. Its in the back of my truck, i'm too excited to type anymore, must go find neighbor to unload and play.
  9. Aright Dr. That is just not right! You have TWO and i can't even get one It is supposed to be here the 21st, we will see.
  10. Very very nice.
  11. Ohhhh this one is even better http://cgi.ebay.com/stainless-steel-counte...1QQcmdZViewItem
  12. Too bad it is too far from MA, its in Rolla, MO, maybe someone can use it. Stainless cab on ebay
  13. How big is that section of deck Mike? I was thinking of doing something similar. Right now i have one huge deck that runs along the whole back of the house. Its about 50 x10, Parallel to that deck is a above ground pool with a 16 x 10 deck off it that is attached to the main deck. Right now the grill is on the main deck against the house, to the right of the kitchen window. Which is great, we use it as a pass through, and i can put dirty items right into the sink from the outside, i can even use the faucet, so with the grill there, i have no need for a sink outside. The only problem is with the grill there, it is kind of in the middle of everything, so i worry about the kids running around, but on the plus side, it allows me to socialize while i am cooking. To help with the kid issue, and to add some prep counter area, i planned on building some walls on each side of the grill about counter height and about 4 feet off the house, so the grill would be in its own little alcove, and i would have 36 x48" of counter space on each side of the grill. The counter would over hang on the two outside ends to allow a couple of seats on each side, kind of like seating at a kitchen island. However, not having actually seen a 650, only a 450, i am worried that this whole setup might be too big. The other option is to build an elevated deck off the end of my main deck, the area would be about 10x 8 and would have about 5 steps up to it, so i don't know if i want to be walking up and down 5 steps to and from the grill area. Normally not a hard task, but add the tray of food in one hand and a beer in the other to my increasing uncoordination and it could get ugly!
  14. Thank, those were great, but none really done on a deck (i think Mlang has one) like i am looking for.
  15. http://www.virtualweberbullet.com/index.html