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  1. can't wait to see the pics of the permanent setup...seeing your craftsmanship so far...i am expecting nothing less than mind blowing..what's the timeline on it?
  2. I bought it instore...the regular price is 399..but since it was floor model I got 10% off so $360...This was of course in Canada
  3. thanks Mike! Haven't been able to enjoy it yet but we're almost done. Thanks. I bought it at home depot for $360 description: Grillzebo--a year round outdoor kitchen for the master chef. All you add is the grill. You can grill in the rain and in all four seasons. Overhead, a protective metal roof shelters you from the elements. Inside the Grillzebo are side tables and a condiment/BBQ tool rack to keep everything you need within easy reach. It's even equipped with two rechargeable, bright LED lights (batteries and charger included). Sturdy aluminum frame with fiberstone side tables. Assembly required. * Shelves to hold your grilling items and provide food prep area * Racks for spices and condiments * Hanging space for grill tools * Features two rechargeable LED lights to illuminate your grill on the darkest nights. Also includes battery charger. * Lasts season after season * The durable aluminum frame with protective metal roof endures the harshest weather, one season to the next. Dimensions: 8' 9" w x 5' l x 7' 9" tall The speakers I attached myself and they are wired to my media room where the receiver is. The wires run inside the metal post and then under the deck through the wall.
  4. hey guys..been so busy this summer renovating that I haven't posted too many pics..but finally got to putting up the grillzebo..no more umbrellas in the rain pizza: angus roast beef/mushrooms/red peppers
  5. I'd recommend this cover: http://www.amazon.com/Veranda-Cart-Cover-x...e/dp/B000NWAO74 I bought mine for $35..and it fits my weber s320 perfectly (size Large) I matches my backyard patio set as well...I'm not crazy about black covers as for accessories: I have: 2 tongs, 2 large spatulas (1 for uncooked, 1 for cooked) 2 smoker boxes ($8 each) rotis/ 2 rotis baskets (have not used too often) bbq gloves (I need this) bbq light (I'd recommend if you do late night grilling) a couple beer can chicken holders flavour injector rib rack pizza stone (love it) raised rack (love that, thanks Shelly) wired mesh basket with handle for easy flipping (pretty cool) weber grill pan (very durable) multiple cleaning brushes/grill wizard brush (recommend) flat metal kabob skewers (used often) instant read thermometer (for me its essential) oil spray (equiv to PAM, but is refillable and you pump manually) many bbq brushes for glazing poultry needles/twine bbq mat 2nd propane tank
  6. I've had success with: http://www.recipezaar.com/114392 good luck
  7. fall off the bone for me....the problem is I haven't gotten it to fall of the bone yet on the bbq only times I've succeeded is via slow cooker or oven
  8. Not sure how bloody your chicken was but you can take a read: http://www.hi-tm.com/Documents/Bloody-chik.html another way to verify if it was your thermometer is to use an instant read on multiple areas (breast, thigh) the recommended placement is: http://www.fsis.usda.gov/is_it_done_yet/Th...Temps/index.asp if you think the beer can is skewing the temps, then remove the can, and use an instant read, just make sure you don't hit bone good luck with that
  9. thanks for sharing the experiment...I haven't tried smoking beer can chicken yet. Just curious, were you able to maintain a 210ish on the grill as well? How many times did you change the smoke pouch on the grill? great pics btw!
  10. No I bought it in "gourmet chef" in the mall...sold a bunch of bbq accessories...I was in the states on the weekend and saw it and had to buy something since my wife was going on a shopping spree with the clothing....I had to come back to Canada with at least 1 item...and I have never seen this yet in Canada Hi Greg, yeah I spray it, and it definitely holds items tightly in there so they dont roll around (although zucchini was a bit thin)....I also have a topper for veggies, but I had issues with fish fillets and whole fish not looking the greatest after the flip....you could bacon wrap anything and I would eat it thanks BG....the raised rack has transformed the bbq into a stronger workhorse....I did perogies again on the bbq and I liked how they turned out....this time I boiled them for about 5-7mins (from frozen), then placed it on the raised rack to get brown, while on the bottom, I had some grilled red peppers and sausages going....finally perogies on the grill turned out tasty...my first attempt before this the perogies were dry
  11. Just wanted to share a new accessory I just got...I already have a basket, but this works better for uneven items such as maybe a whole fish, fish fillets, chicken breasts, or if you are doing multiple items... makes flipping easy with no sticking. the basket conforms to the items placed so it's a tight fit... here we have salmon steaks (these hold up well on the grill without the need for a basket but I wanted to try it out)..,zucchini and portobello mushroom caps you can also see the raised rack created from Shelly's great idea I got the basket for $10 and so far it works quite well
  12. I use the canon s2 (hacked firmware, which allows for some interesting things)...long zoom is great for getting close to the action without melting my camera....drawback in terms of bbq pics is that the camera uses AA batteries which means I use niMH, which drain even when not in use...although I'm using eneloops which have a slow discharge, but I think they are almost done with my wife's cam canon sd30, it uses lithium so even after weeks of non use there's still juice in the batteries which makes picture taking convenient vs picking up my camera to find out the batteries are dead
  13. haha...thanks very much Hike...I honestly don't remember clicking on that..I guess maybe accidentally so I assumed it was a forum change and did not like it at all...that world can go around again..thx!
  14. Hey Admins, just wondering if there was a way to revert back (in options/settings) to the old way of thread viewing....I'm not a fan of the new way the threads are displayed there are some benefits to it, but I guess I'm lazy to click through for every post vs scrolling and skim reading....just wondering how come the change or did I accidentally click on something to cause the change? Thanks
  15. WOW!!!!!!! Your best photos to date..and that's saying a lot...I had to double check which Mike this was to make sure my eyes did not deceive me... Skills Mike..your photo taking ability has now been taken to the next level..did you upgrade your camera?...