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  1. Try soy sauce.
  2. I have porcelain covered cast iron and they were great until I cranked up my grill one day for a little too long. I got busy getting my stuff ready for the grill and by the time I went back out the grill read 700°+ and the porcelain started cracking off. I still use the grates, they are more like just cast iron grates now. When they were new I loved them. No seasoning. And cleaning was easy crank it up to 11 and wait for 10 minutes, wipe with an oil rag. DONE! It was that easy.
  3. Start with chicken (dark meat) and pork ribs (babybacks).
  4. Looking to findout your favorite beers, most of us have our favorite(s). Looking for a top 10 list: Give me your favorite beer list- 1) Guinness - Mmmmmmmmmm 2) McSorley's (love ordering a 4 x 4)- from the tap in NYC. 3) Miller High Life - The offical beer of bowling...well, it use to be and still is to me. 4) Rolling Rock - the second favorite that's always in my fridge. 5) Harp - When I can find a fresh tap. 6) Beamish - Can't find it al the time, but when I do. Mmmmmmmmmmm 7) Coors Light - A great go to beer, when quantity counts. 8) Gordon Biersch Blonde Bock - Ohh, how I miss a Blonde Bock. 9) Stella Artois - This is another great one when quality counts. 10) Sol - It's summertime, baby!
  5. Or instead of pouches, I make "volcanoes" to get a ton of smoke. See my picture...that's worth a thousand words..right?
  6. A beef brisket will take about 10-14 hours. Baby Back Ribs will take about 4-5 hours. I will continue to replace smoke pouches about every 2 hours until 8 hours. Then after that the smoke doesn't penetrate, so there's no use in replacing the pouches.
  7. I WANT A LIP SMAKIN' SMOKER!!! http://www.lipsmakinsmokers.com/ Does anyone have a BBQ Bail out plan for me?
  8. 1. I've had both and SS just cleans up easier and are cheaper. The heat thing...don't worry about it. 2. Front to back for everything. I use my grill at least once a week and a ton of smoking in the summer (about every weekend). I love to use heat on left hand side and stack the meat on the right for a low and slow day out on the grill.
  9. Good start. Here are 2 suggestions you can take or leave. 1. The wood should be mostly wet...not dripping but wet. I soak my chips for about 30 minutes then mix with dry when I place them in the grill. 2. I am glad you started smoking with your grill, but cast iron trays are expensive and very unnecessary. I use aluminum foil and poke holes to create my smoke pouches. I place a handful of wet chips with a little dry (70-30 wet vs. dry) in the center of an aluminum sheet and wrap. Then poke a bunch of holes with a fork or knife. The dry chips start smoking sooner and the wet chips make the smoke longer so it’s easier to NOT peek when smoking on a grill. Plus when its time to replace the pouches, I quickly open the grill, remove and the old pouches and insert new ones. Then when you are done, just throw the whole thing out. No mess.  Also, I know some people use this method and poke holes all the way round the pouch; I only poke holes on the top. I place my pouches right close to the burner and I noticed that the pouches catch fire easily when I poke the holes on the bottom.
  10. Oh, my!!! That looks tasty!!!
  11. Back in Duluth, Minnesota where I grew up was a place called Coney Island. And their Coney sauce is the best I have ever eaten. It's even better then the Coney Sauce from the Coney island in New York. I don't know why it taste sooo good, but every time I go back there I stop for 1/2 dozen Coney dogs and a large ice cold glass of whole milk! Even the milk tastes better in Coney Island!
  12. And it's great for keeping that sauce pan full of basting goodness hot for basting a grill full of chicken and/or ribs. Mmm...
  13. Hi all, Happy Labor Day weekend!! This is usually the last "summer" weekend here in Jersey. The locals actually get to start using the beach again. My grill and smoker are in use year round, so this is NOT a good-bye to my grill by any means. This past summer was a busy one and a good one. My grill was going quite a bit and I tried a few new tricks that I plan on continuing to use. The two main things I learned this summer are "beer butt chickens" and skirt steaks. Both have become an instant classic in my house. So, wit the smoker I received this summer and the great results I had from my beer butt chickens; I told my wife I want to try a Beer Butt Turkey for Thanksgiving this year. She said great, BUT!!! But what!?! You better practice before the BIG day comes. So, on Tuesday I ordered a fresh12# turkey from the butcher for me to pick up on today so that I can smoke it tomorrow. I believe a12# should fit nicely in my smoker. I also picked up a Foster's Oil can, so I can practice for Thanksgiving. I will try to keep this topic as live as I can while I prep and cook this bird. Stay tuned. -Killer P.S. This will also be the first time I going to use lump charcoal...I am hoping this will hold the heat longer then regular charcoal.
  14. My grilling/smoking this summer has crawled to a halt, but that doesn't stop me from reading, talking, and planning my next adventure. So, as I plan my next exciting and new challenge I ran across something that is new to me and I wanted to get feedback from this group on this thing called a capon. The dictionary definition of a capon is: A male chicken castrated when young to improve the quality of its flesh for food. I noticed they are bigger then normal chickens and in my research they say the capon is about 5% more fatty.
  15. Could this be the secert for China reds? Hmmmmm...the puzzle continues.