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  1. Things sure have changed! http://www.theqjoint.com/forum .
  2. I appologize for I am a smoking purist. Did you say you smoked this on a grill? No matter what one may feel their skill level may be, Smoking on a grill is not the same as smoking on a smoker. Smokers are designed to have propper flow of air and distrebution of heat required for the low and slow method of cooking(true BBQ). Like all recipies, When they are not followed by the "T" then They complain about not getting the proper out come. once again if you fail to see the how this method is superior to others. Google it!
  3. Found this fourum if anyone is interested. click here!
  4. It's such a PIA to smoke on a grill to begin with. I would recommend picking up a little brinkman smoker. They are relitivly cheap and your finished product will be smoked instead of smoke flavor!
  5. with that kind of markup I should be shipping smokers to aus!
  6. LOOKS GREAT!!!!!! Did you rub it and wrap it a day or two before you smoked it? That's when the rub really seeps into the meat giving it the flavor. What kind of rub did you use? Store bought or home made?
  7. Welcome from a fellow Tulsan. As with all customer service reps. Don't let them tell YOU what's going to happen, You tell THEM If they don't comply ask for their supervisor. BE nice, but firm. When dcision -maker doesn't make a descision, Find someone who will make it for them! ( it's like talking to cox)
  8. I've seen the low salt version but I havn't tried it yet. Will do next time! I posted the link for the brisket on your forum for smokers thread!
  9. Thanks for the welcome! Yous aked for it so here ya go! http://www.bbqsource-forums.com/invboard/i...?showtopic=2292
  10. That's some good looking brisket! Makes me hungry! I Figured I would throw you and whoever reads this thread some points to ponder. Like you said everyone has diferent ways and there is no "right way" to do anything! Unless your talking to my wife then I do everthing wrong. Just kidding I like to use pecan on beef most of the time but I use oak too. I also like to use Lump charcoal. It's putrity most of all. It doesn't produce as much ash, burns hotter and doesn't have that strong taste like briquetts.(some people like it though) For more information on lump click here (just some usefull info) The smoke ring stops forming when the internal temp reaches 140º yet the smoke will still penetrate to the center. Always keep your smoke thin and blue and not white and billowing.
  11. I've been smokin' and grilln' for a long time and I love it. I also like to share what I've learned or developed. Why should I enjoy all this great food alone! The thoroughness is to attempt to answer all the questions I can before they are asked. Also to be very clear if anyone wants to try it for themselves. Allot of the techniques are ones I've learned from somebody else or from my own experiments. I hope they utilized! Man, Fire, meat = ugh! Arsenal; Brinkman Smoke N Pit Pitmaster Charbroil American gourmet Brinkman vertical smoker.
  12. Well billy goat, being A high ranked member there I have to comment on this one.(aka glued2it) Thanks for sharing! I'm a member of several smoking/BBQ forums. I just recently ventured off to join some other forums( this one included) The thing with Smoking meat forums is, The high speed responses that you won't normally get from most forums. Yea it's pretty much all about smoking meat there. This is good forum too, or I wouldn't be here.
  13. Here goes a batch of Smoking Connoisseur's (aka Glued2it) OMGFD (Oh My Gosh French Dips) I started with one good hand selected 2.72lb Chuck roast from the butcher. Thrown some rub, Inject it with Italian dressing, wrap it with Saran wrap and let it sit tin the fridge for about 12+ hours. Throw it on the grill to get a good sear. Then Move it to smoker and smoke with Pecan @ 250º for about 4hrs. Place it in aluminum pan and add 3 cups of Au Jus (1pk McCormick's) This really good flavor and makes the meat real tender! Let it cook till it reaches 200º Pull it out and slice it. The knife will fall into it more than cut it! Put the slices back in the pan until ready to serve! French rolls work best for this application. Butter and toast them. The buttery toasted rolls really set off the flavor of the meat. I use a turkey baster to pull the juices out of the pan for dipping. Since the oil sits on tops you can suck up the juices from the bottom. When you bite into one of these all you can say is; OH MY GOSH! NO TEETH REQUIRED!!!! I shook in some of Tony Chachere's Creole seasoning in the potatoes.
  14. Thanks hike! happy new years to you and all as well. Here's a little pic from the last one!
  15. A fellow tulsan Smokie Okie devised this brisket Method. Hundreds of us have gone to this method! I like to inject some italian dressing in it too Yummm! "You Don't Need Teef To Eat Our Beef" This will produce the The Beefiest, Juiciest Brisket you ever had! Guaranteed! I have smoked allot briskets before I tried this method and it's the only way to go! If you don't believe me google it! Smokie okie method It's a little lengthly, So I added it as a attachment. Edited by Bluesin The BBQ Source has certified the following Microsoft Word Document to be virus free and safe to download. If you are uncertian about downloading the document, please see the complete recipe in the recipes/beef section located here