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  1. I've had this cover since 2008 and its held up great. I would recommend it.
  2. For the backup, I agree with JDang. You may even want to break it out everyone once and awhile just for some good charcoal flavor. Rick
  3. I think his issue is that he found out the Genesis doesn't work correctly using a propane tank larger than the standard 20lb. unit.
  4. I bought a can of the Weber grill spray yesterday at Wal-Mart for around $2.40. Its a couple of bucks cheaper than the box stores if you shop at both places anyway. Used it last night on pork fajitas but couldn't really tell how well it worked. I had a little bit of the meat stick to the SS grates. Rick
  5. I just bought a new EP-320 and I also have the 7553. I agree with your comments. I'm going to have to rig something to keep the water out. I will probably just put drip pans on each side. I think Weber should come up with a better design.
  6. I have a black EP-320 and my drip tray is SS also. I don't think it makes much difference, but if it bugs you, I would get the dealer to give you the correct one. Rick
  7. I just got an EP-320 and I'm really happy with it. But if I had the choice between the two, I'd probably go with the 420, if for no other reason than to get the burner knobs on the front panel and free up the side shelf. I think both are probably great grills. Rick
  8. Fired my Genesis 320 up last night for the first time and got over 600.
  9. Well, after reading this thread and several others, I bought a EP-320 yesterday. Going to get it assembled and throw some ribeyes on tonight. Looking forward to using the grill and learning from this forum. Rick
  10. Thanks for all the posts and sorry to hear about the damage RDW. Rick
  11. Appreciate the responses.
  12. Do you use your side burner? I'm debating between an EP-310 and an EP-320. Not sure that I will use a side burner, but for $50 more, may just get it anyway. I would like to hear opinions on if you use it. Thanks, Rick
  13. I'm also trying to work an AAFES deal. I agree, that is a great deal and hard to pass up.
  14. At my Ace the SS320 is $849 and the EP320 is $749. That is a pretty good deal if they are selling the SS version for the same price. EDIT: Oh, you mean more than $100.
  15. Where have you seen them priced the same? All the places I've looked, the SS is $100 more. Thanks, Rick