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  1. here is one done with my method. pulled at a little over 140* internal temp. I had the medium and the little lady had the more medium sections. it was good but i like more rare.
  2. 160* for 1 hour 225* for 1 hour 250* till internal temp is 140. About 45 mins. i have done this 3 times on a pellet smoker with costco cryovac'd tri-tips and they came out great.
  3. get it!!!!!!!
  4. i had the box flattened out in the garage. it clearly says NON RUSTING 304 STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION
  5. i have the same grill. the cover is in better shape than the firebox
  6. mine is the same. i got new grates, burners, and flame tamers ordered from mfg covered by warranty. seems i will probably be ordering up the pan as well based on your photos.
  7. Opus! Thanks for waking me up! $16 and new parts are on the way.
  8. there are over 400 rectangular grill grates to sort through on the BBQ Source when i search by Jenn-Air there are 17 products and the only stainless grate set is the factory $230 set... which is low grade and failed. i will check it out again. thanks.
  9. nevermind. Instead of putting in my grill model number, i searched all grates and found a better fit.
  10. my grill grates are coming apart so im shopping for new ones. anyone buy the stainless ones from www.grill-parts.com ? they seem short at 18 7/8" deep. the factory ones are 19 1/4. 19 1/2 would even fit but im afraid the grill-parts ones will bee too short. any suggestions would be great. thanks.
  11. Shelly, i just spent most of my day reading. my eyes hurt and i am hungry as a bear! sorry about your cold smoker Ronald, i bought the daniel boon which is my 4th cooker on my patio. no room for anything larger at this point. i showed great restrain by not getting the larger one. are'nt i good? that is what i told the little lady anyway
  12. I made an impulse buy and got a Green Mountain Grill from the los angeles area sales guy Mike Hensen. great guy and a nice pellet grill too!
  13. it seems that folks (including me) like to go straight to the "source" Geen Mountain needs to figure out a better way to get their product to market. if they can ship it to a dealer why cant they just ship it to my business. i have dock high loading.
  14. do you use a water pan in the pellet grill when smoking?
  15. i just picked one up. anyone have one? want to find out what you think of it before i fire it up.