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  1. NICE! Keep em coming.
  2. Very nice design! Matches your backyard perfect. I really love the travertine patio/pool decking. I'm jealous
  3. It's hard to say for sure. I agree that hardi is non-combustible and can be a good insulator, but it's the combustible material behind the hardi that could cause the problem. I also have a Cal-Flame and it can reach amazingly high temps during clean-out (i've actually cracked the granite counter-top). I'm just glad I planned for 16" from house siding.
  4. Sure thing-sorry so late!
  5. Here's my $0.02. I seal and marinade a lot of meats; venison, trout, tuna, fowl & beef. For light/medium home-use the lower priced (entry-level) FoodSaver brands work well; V2244 & V2450 ($79~$130). They provide plenty of vacuum; enough to keep even delicate trout fresh. I've used both but own and recommend the V2450 (10years now). The drawback on these is the cycle-time between seals after 3-4 years of (medium) use; they seem to lose a bit of vacuum pressure and require a cool-down time between seals. For a bit more money, I'd suggest the newer FoodSaver Outdoorsman-Premium; my hunting buddies claim no vacuum power loss after 2-years of heavy use; it's built stout but runs about $200. When my V2450 gives out, it's my next purchase (based on size, price & durability). If money and kitchen space were not an issue, I'd own the Weston 2300. However, money is an issue for me and at $400+ I'd consider it more of an entry level commercial unit. But man are they strong and versatile. I'm curious if anyone else has recommendations in the $200 range.
  6. Wow, that is looking good! NICE design work!
  7. Summer is here! My never ending battle for perfection begins again! 1-1/2" cut fresh Ribeye, salt & peppered and brushed with garlic paste; prepared a paste of roasted garlic & butter and brushed over steaks after flip. 5 minutes each side made a perfect med-rare (sorry no pic after cut). Looking forward to many weeks of FFF (Family, food & friends)
  8. You did it!!! Excellent work~Congratulations
  9. Wow! That certainly turned out nice. It really shows you paid attention to detail-Good SHOW!!!!
  10. Well, any updates? Sanding pads should be in and the weather is certainly no excuse j/k
  11. Thanks Mike! I was a little dissapointed in the tenderloin~a little overdone. But the thermometer is now working and ready for a retrial Yes, everything's better with BACON, right? For my Jewish friend/coworker-The pork was Kosher I'll have to try this year an eye of round Thanks
  12. Spring time is here and the outdoor cooking is in full swing! Dove wraps, Stuffed pork tenderloin (with breakfast sausage & rosemary) wrapped with bacon and slowed smoked @250F 2hrs, finished @ 350F 1hr, then sirloin shish-ka-bob with grilled veggies seasoned with garlic instilled EVOO & Rajun Cajun powder.
  13. Nice idea and great play-by-play! Thanks for sharing
  14. Fantastic!!! Wow, you definitely have a gift...and the pics ain't bad either.