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  1. Despite whatever anyone tells you, it seems you were sure enough to buy the grill based on your own observations... I mean this is your first post so asking for opinions PRE-purchase instead of after the fact may have had an impact on your decision possibly for the better... Ronald mentioned the Quantum (made by Char-Broil), and while I love the thing I too had to make return trips due to broken parts! The problem with any cheap grill is that you are going to find thin metal parts, and an inferior build quality to other grills costing substantially more. Damaged parts are a hint of poor handling the box, it was hard to find a box without a forklift leaving a message on it! I think that grill you bought looks nice, I don't know how it's built or how great it cooks but I think it will work well for you. Nexgrill I think makes that grill and they also make Jenn-Air. However people have had bad customer service though... Any metal will rust with neglect and exposure to the elements, but your grill uses the cheaper grade which is prone to rust much easier. I don't know if it will grill like the Quantum, but people who have other grills ask me how my steaks, burgers, chicken and even pork come out so juicy, even when they may be overdone... Good luck and post pics.....
  2. Well, first off HELLO there, and welcome to the Source.... 2nd off DON'T listen to the wife!!!! Just kidding.. Unless of course she's paying for it. I own a 4 burner Quantum and I've made some pretty professional looking and tasting dishes since the day I've bought it... (lest you forget I'm not a pro by any means!) Equally as highly reviewed is the regular Commercial Series non infrared....Which is $200 less the price of the 4 burner Q.... IF you are that concerned about the infrared technology fizzling out down the road I'd say don't waste your money and get the Commercial Series non infrared equivalent! I can't say that my Quantum cooks better than Brian's Char-Broil Commercial Series without the Stainless Steel grates and the "grate plate" which is the perforated sheet of steel in which transfers the radiant heat across the entire cooking surface as per Char-Broil technical babble.... You will have a non stick cooking grate porcelain coated which won't last as long as the stainless steel grate on the Q, however replacement grates should be cheaper... I have probably clocked about 60 hours on the grill since getting it last month... Cooking everything from Fish, to chicken....Steak to ribs...I have also used THE most stickiest of sticky when it comes to marinades saturated in Maple Syrup, brown Sugar, using highly fatty meats, and guess what? No Flare ups...Not even one! Cleaning has been a breeze, and the holes have never been clogged....ever. Unfortunately having a small budget (such as myself) won't get you 304 SS, seam welded parts, and the best construction.....However I'd like to think that I got an innovative bargain that I will take care of and plan on having this grill last me at the least 5 years... In closing it's up to you. There would be absolutely no benefit whatsoever in buying an "infrared" Char-Broil Quantum, then defeating the purpose of its primary function-cooking with infrared heat. I'd recommend thinking about it and making sure you want to spend an extra $200 on a grill that won't do anything better than it's non infrared counterpart-the Commercial Series if you plan on replacing the grates with non infrared emitters as you said. Good Luck. If anything, what I would try and do in your situation should you decide to get yourself a regular commercial series is try some ingenuity and ask a fabricator to make you some perforated steel sheets to cover the entire surface area underneath your grates...This should emulate the infrared style cooking you are weary about, but for far less money!?
  3. If I had the patience I would have to say falling off the bone.... As it is currently-I CANT WAIT!!!!! 3hours is a loooong time for ribs......6 hours is Ca-ra-zie!
  4. NICE!!!!!! Another Quantum owner....We've been expecting you bud Tonight I just made 6 Pounds of Pork Spare Ribs with an adjustment of Cuskits variation and they came out beautiful and I had NO problems keeping a 250 degree temp as well... You'll love the way it cooks AND the way it cleans... After grilling turn all 4 burners on high and wait 15min. Then spray one grate with enough Pam, and scrub each grate, from left to right. I use the SS Mega Hawg brush and it works grate! Since you like Medium Well I'd cook the Rib eyes about 6 minutes a side....Depending on cute (1 1/2 inch) If you like sear marks do the 45 degree angle thing after searing on high for 2 minutes, and make sure the meat isn't over drenched in liquid...Then do the remaining 4 minutes, then flip....I like medium rare so I do only 5 minutes a side, and then let the meat sit on a plate for a few.... Congrats and welcome to the group!!!
  5. Thanks JP, and Hazel...Thats a nice name too! Izzy acts just like she sounds...crazy and unpredictable lol I'm doing 6 pounds of Ribs this time so I hope for the same results hopefully...
  6. It's too bad you don't live in the OC in California... Lynx free standing grill priced at 800 used!!!! Red brass burners, 304SS Seam welded, an includes a side burner too.
  7. Welcome to the Source my friend! I don't have direct experience with those manufacturers mainly due to their prices! However, I have looked at the high end grills and what you will be paying for isn't just the name. The quality of parts -304 Stainless- Seam welded pieces, mirror polished accents and a build quality you can brag about are the main selling points... Have you seen Lynx brand grills?
  8. Wow really? That means a lot coming from you Blue! I've never done ribs before and even so I added different things on the way just to try it out! I even added maple syrup to the butter used on the corns i grilled and the taste was sweet... I live in California, Southern Orange County to be exact, and about 15 minutes from the Beach... The fireworks were done at the Country Club around these parts and we had a nice view from the balcony too.
  9. Thats funny Those Ribs look to die for! WOW!
  10. The fireworks were pretty good this year. Too bad its illegal to do them in the neighborhood! Izzy was happy about the fireworks, and was just groomed yesterday as well! (It's the girlfriend's doggy)
  11. -------------------------------------------------------Continued--------------------------------------------------------------- Now, the ribs internal temperature after an Hour and a half was 155 degrees so I started SMOTHERING the living poop out of the Ribs...I flipped the meat about a couple of times, added wood chips here and there as time went on, and planned on taking the ribs off early because I just couldn't wait any longer! here they are after taking the foil off for the last 30minutes So to recap I did a.........1Hr30Min----45min------30minutes.....The results: In closing I have to say I was literally DROOLING after every bite, and after every bite everyone sounded like What about Bob at the dinner table!!! ROTFL...The juice that came out was like bathing your tongue inside the mothership of succulent juices, taste bud overloading aroma's, and the marinade? Simply, perfectly adhered to the meat...The flavors, the smell it seems neverending, and as I lay some pressure onto the meat, the juice squirted out of the ribs like an exploding Volcano of erupting limitless flavor!!!!!!! THANK YOU BBQSOURCE!!!! I CAN DIE NOW!!!!!!
  12. I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday with the family! I spent my 4th with the future in laws and BOY did I have a Grrrrate time So...I wanted to share with all of you a different way to cook BBQ Pork Spare Ribs... First off props for Cuskit inspiring me to emulate the Fantastic results he gets when they have been made!!! I have been longing for these and was totally unprepared!!!! (no Shelly rack, no drip tray, no smoker box, but this is where innovation slaps conventional cooking and common sense in the face!!) This isn't original in terms of making the ribs but I did inadvertently do things differently from the traditional recipe found at Blue Smoke, the 3-2-1 method and Cuskit's variation as well... I didn't get all of the membrane lol! Grabbed the 3lb portion of BBQ spare ribs and soaked them in the Cha Sui marinade available in most Asian food aisles at any supermarket. They soaked for about 16 hours total! Took them outside the frig, preheated the grill but it wasn't holding a 250 degree temp, after adding the wood chips, but the temp settled down, with the left 2 burners on. ...I did not soak the wood chips, just placed them directly onto the grates with the burners on and they smoked right away. I realized at this moment I didn't have anything to prop the ribs over and indirectly cook them because I thought the warming rack wasn't big enough SO....I grabbed and used the Other warming rack that I got with a slew of spare parts The meat early on: I had the drip tray setup at an angle to prop the hood so some smoke could leave the front, and put the ribs on. While they smoked I made my Mop Sauce and here is where everything went off on a tangent! ----Temps rose to 300, and I said,"screw it!" The ribs cooked for about 1 1/2 hours, and as they did I used these ingredients to make the MOP sauce as follows: -1/2 cup of the Cha Sui Marinade (the leftover from the marinade used previously) -5 tablespoons of Ketchup -1/4 cup of soy sauce -1/2 cup of honey -1/4 Kirin Cooking Sake -1/3 of Pure Maple Syrup -1/2 cup of Brown Sugar -5 shakes of garlic powder -5 turns of fresh ground sea salt -5 turns of fresh ground black pepper -3 shakes of onion powder -5 shakes of Mesquite seasoning -2 teaspoons of Chinese 5 Spice Brought that bad boy to a simmer, and it thickened up rather quickly.
  13. WOW! I think you need to look in the mirror, and say "you feel lucky, punk, well do ya?" Then march right into the Lowe's with printouts of the pictures on this site, the testimonials not only from this site but from all over the net concerning this grill...Walk up and don't take NO for an answer....Warranty or not they sold you a defective grill, it also might help if other people from Georgia could reply on your behalf stating they also returned their grills, perhaps in the same location, I mean YOU paid quite a lot of money for that thing.
  14. Agreed. Just by the sound of your post I'd say they were overcooked.
  15. ....Welcome! What you can do is sign up online. Find out which location you are headed to and CALL. Ask to speak with the manager and then tell him/her you signed up for the 10% mover's coupon online but you haven't received it yet. Ask the manager IF you decide to give him/her your business will he honor the 10%? Most likely he will say yes.