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  1. Here is one of my grillin' sessions.
  2. I got a Primo XL Oval a few years ago and I love it. I can do everthing from smoke 40# of BBQ to cook a dinner for two. My only regret is I waited to long I should have gotten is sooner. I've cook 40# of BBQ, 10# of chicken legs and thighs, 10# of Hotdogs and 10# of hamburgers for a cookout. Then another dinner steaks for 4 with corn on the cob and asparagus. Then another dinner porkchops all on same bag of lump charcoal.
  3. Try the Sam's Choice charcoal at Wal-Mart. I use lump now in the Primo but when I go to the race track and tailgate or camping I use Sam's Choice charcoal. It tastes better than Kingsford and lasts longer. Good thing I don't live next to a neighbor like that. I would drive him nuts cooking as much as I do on the grill. No gassers on my deck.
  4. If you want a charcoal grill that will last and have the speed of gas is either a Primo or Big Green Egg. A Primo Oval Jr. is big enough for a small party. The XL can be used for a cook for 2 to 25+. Either of the 3 will be between $500 to $900. But they will be the last charcoal grill you have to buy.
  5. I just bought a Maverick ET-732 it's great. Has a remote display I can have near my bedroom on overnight smokes and not have to worry. It shows the food and grate temps. DO NOT mistake it for the Maverick ET-72 that thing is a piece of garbage. I went through probes like atleast every other cook. The 72 has thin probes that will burn up even on a low themp cook. The new 732 has much thicker probes and will hold up better.
  6. My smoker has about 6" of room for ashes to fall. If I have a big cook I use it as a warmer now.
  7. When i used my smoker for BBQ I would eat through lump like crazy. I used briquettes because they burned slower. Now that I use my Primo I can add lump and wood chunks and it will cook for over 30 hours without opening the lid to add anymore. I like the taste of briquettes with steak. Sam's Choice I found tasted the best. I'll light 8 of them and place them in the Primo when they ash over the lump is adding the heat. Wal-Mart sales Royal Oak $5 for a bag not sure the weight I'm not home to check. $4 for a 12# bag of Sam's Choice briquettes.
  8. I never add unlit coals to a smoker. I did that one time and it caused the problem you are describing. When I used my smoker I would keep a couple coal in the chimney and use that to light my next batch. Also you don't need water it doesn't make the meat moist. Injecting the meat will do that.
  9. But not right now. I just made a delivery today and 1 box was torn. Nothing wrong with the product just the box. So I called it in and they told me to trash it or donate it. I called my brother had him meet me and get the 82.9 lbs. of whole boneless rib eyes, 6 packs in the box. They will have them cut up and ready for me when I come home inn a couple weeks.
  10. I like Tabasco Chipotle Sauce better myself.
  11. Sam's Club here has it in the gallon jugs. Might be because it's from NC.
  12. it's the same stuff that all the other stores get. I deliver the same Tyson chicken and beef to them. Some have a big selection of things like cookwares and some foods. You have to have a business ID to get a membership.
  13. If you have the money to spend Primo or Big Green Egg are nice grills. Both use a little bit of lump charcoal and you can light it and be cooking in 15 minutes on the Primo XL. This weekend I topped mine off and fixed a 14 hour smoke BBQ, then 2 steaks and then hotdogs one day. I can bake, grill, smoke, fry and smoke cheese. The only thing I can't to is have it wash the dishes. I get about 10 to 12 different steak dinners from 1 load of lump on my Primo XL.
  14. I took the last Butt off the grill at 11:00 am and pulled it at 11:45 am. I'm liking the apple better but both have turned out as my best yet.
  15. This is the injected one pulled. It's SO moist all the way through.