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  1. Great Job!!!! love the tile work. looks a party waiting to happen!! TT
  2. I also use the steam method it works great I get my grill smoking hot dip my brush in water and it cleans like magic. If your grates are clean the food dosnt stick so much TT
  3. I vote ss and ng this grill would burn a lot of propane I have found myself doing a lot of ribs and pork shoulders wouldnt want to worry about running out of fuel TT
  4. Congrats The summit line is top quality and the support is great Happy grilling TT
  5. Ok grill masters it was along and busy winter for me but I have made my way back to the best grilling forum on the web. I am hosting a party next weekend the way it's going to work is the guests need to bring there best grilled appy recipe and prepare it for the group. Since I am the host I am looking for a homerun appy. I have many go to appys, but all the guests have had them many times. No main course is being served just appys and drinks
  6. I am the very happy owner of a S670 and would highly recomend it to anyone. You never hear anybody saying "Man I wish I bought the smaller grill">> If your budget allows go for the most grill you can get.
  8. Gas welcome to the Weber family and welcome to the forum lots of great info here as well as great people. You are on a site full of grill fanatics. Please post some pictures of your new grill when it arrives As a fellow weber owner I am sure you will love your grill, the sear zone works great and temp control is amazing. Again congrats on the new grill and may all your steaks sizzle Tony T
  9. Bill 2.5 hr cook unfoiled 2 hr foiled 1 hr unfoiled and sauced 2.5-2-1 Tony T
  10. This weekend my daughter turned seventeen , we had a little get together at the house. It was time to put the Weber 670 to the test, 40 guests. The menu: peperoni bread, garlic knots, wings three ways, ribs and pulled pork. Every thing cooked on the grill, the 10lb pork shoulder cooked for 16hrs at 225 then into a cooler for 2.5 hrs. The pork pulled very easy and was very moist. Ribs cooked using 2.5-2-1 method (baby backs) 4 racks sauced them up the last 40 min. peperoni bread and garlic knots cooked on a pizza stone at 450 with rotis. on, then came 10lbs of wings (gotta love costco) all 10lbs fit on the grill at once. A third were hot wings a third were bbq wings and the remaining were Webers hot sweet and sticky recipe. Judging from the lack of left overs and the smiling faces it went very well. I will try to recover some pictures, camera died after my Godson dropped it. To top off the day the GIANTS won!!!! If you live in central Jersey, watch out my daughter has hit the road I am glad I went for the bigger grill it performed awsome and looked good doing it Tony T
  11. What I find is if you dont peek, the times are pretty close, if you like to peek a lot it will take longer because of the heat loss every time you open the grill. I do find in cold weather I have to turn up the grill a little more to maintain medium temps, Tony T
  12. Logic sorry to hear your ribs wernt what you expected.. Ribs are like a woman, you have to have be prepared to put the time in to get the results. I have had great results on a gas grill, the key is temp control. keep it at 225-235 and keep adding smoke. The last racks of ribs took 5.5 hr of cooking and I put the rub on the night before. Dont give up so quick, grilling is about learning from your mistakes and figuring out how to improve it the next time. Tony T
  13. For our deck we wired in generic outdoor speakers I picked up from Best Buy wired them to our reciever in the house which is hooked up to our cable. We put a music channel on and have comerical free music. Our requirement for music was for background music. We wouldnt want to over power the sound of a steak sizzling on the grill As i get older I cant seem to hear people talking over loud music anymore, Thats my 2cents Tony T
  14. Happy B-Day Hope you have a Great day You deserve it Tony T
  15. Hike, those look great> I will have to keep a eye out for turkey legs now What was the final temp of the legs when you pulled them off??? Tony T