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  1. After having owned two different Nexgrill "Jenn-Airs" I would suggest that you look at a different brand. Both JA's had firebox failures that Nexgrill could not remedy other than replacing the first one with a newer model, and then giving me a prorated refund for the second. You would do better buying a lowly Char-broil which would at least have good customer support. Take a look at Broil King; they have some small cast aluminum firebox grills with excellent support. that are not that expensive.
  2. Beef, good decision dumping the Charbroil. Even Weber's entry level gas grills will outlast the CB by a long time. The IR Charbroils are a pain to keep clean and will rust even if you religiously clean them. Good luck with your new Weber.
  3. That grill looks like the updated Quantum that I got in 2010. The firebox failed and was replaced by CB within 8 months and the stainless steel grates/emitters failed at 9 months and were also replaced by CB. All three of the thermometers broke after a year. Overall, the grill cooks well, but is not well built. Charbroil has changed the "infrared" grate system with cast iron grates, but my bet is that the stainless steel emitters will rust very quickly. Good luck with your new grill and please register it with CB and keep your receipt.
  4. huskerdooo, The four and five burner models of that design were notorious for lack of heat. They used 12k btu burners (orifices) as opposed to the 15k btu burners (orifices) used in the three burner that I had. My JA never got hot enough until I enlarged the orifices (drilled them larger). But before you make any changes, please follow the earlier poster's advice to thoroughly clean your burners. Also, you may want to get an oven thermometer or even better a digital one to check your grate temperatures since the hood thermometer is not very accurate.
  5. Who is saying you should cover up SS grates? The OP has to replace his wrapped SS grates which are splitting, hence my recommendation of grillgrates. My original JA (2005 three burner) had solid SS grates, but my second one (2008) had wrapped grates like the OP.
  6. Jim, I agree with you about the charbroil infrared grates to an extent; I would get great grill marks next to grayish-brown meat that was between the grates. My results with the grillgrates are very close to the second picture you showed, although if you like the entire surface of your steak more charred, then grillgrates won't do it for you, and the original CB quantum grates won't even come close. Bottom line, grillgrates perform more like regular grates(with less flare ups) then the CB quantum grates.
  7. Hood, I have to respectfully disagree with you concerning grillgrates. They get wicked hot, as hot or hotter than the solid stainless grates on my first JA and create the darkest grill marks of any grate I have ever used, including porcelain coated cast iron. They are also different from the stock CB "infrared grates" in that they allow a lot more convection heat through because the holes are much larger. As for turning the grill into an oven, there is no difference in the way food tastes with grillgrates, the CB grates, or any of the other grates that I have used with gas grills.
  8. Have you considered GrillGrates, which are anodized aluminum? I have a set on my Charbroil Quantum and they work well and will definately outlast my POS grill. They have the added benefit of reducing flareups and evening out grate temperatures.
  9. grilldaddy13, I had two different JA models (720-061 and 720-336) that both had firebox failures. Although both grills had lifetime warranties on the stainless steel nexgrill could not send out replacement fireboxes since they were not user replaceable, even though the firebox has a part number in the manual. I doubt that you will be able to find a replacement.
  10. If your grill is in working order, then the most common two options to increase the heat are either blocking the large opening at the back of the hood or drilling the orifices to a larger size. Clean everything as Que-Rescue advised to determine if the burners are shot. Also, the temperature gauge is probably not accurate. I had the 720-061 (three burner) years ago and opted to drill open the orifices one size larger and gained over 100 degrees in temperature. Good luck.
  11. Discontinued.
  12. Grilla, The BK looks like a good alternative to a Weber. Please post pictures when the grill arrives and give your impressions of it.
  13. Hood, Is that one of the Home Depot Ducanes? If so, then my dad has had one for over six years. He got his a year after I got my original Jenn-Air, and at the time I thought that the JA was a heavier and better grill. Of course I am on my third grill since that JA and he still has the Ducane, so I guess I was wrong! The only trouble that he has had was the center burner (tube) rusted through; Weber replaced all three burners under warranty. I cooked on it once last year (chicken and burgers) and was fairly impressed with the heat eveness. Overall, I'd say it is a good grill. I think that he paid $700 for the grill new.
  14. Four years ago I bought a generator for an approaching hurricane. My father in law urged me to drain the gas tank and to burn the remaining gas from the carburator before storing the unit. I decided to also drain the gas from a pressure washer that I hadn't used in over a year. The pressure washer would not start, in fact gas leaked from the carb when trying to start it and I had to clean the carb several times to get the engine to run. I used my generator for a hurricane this year for the first time in four years and it started on the first pull. You can't leave gas in a small engine for very long without the carburator becoming clogged up. If I had used fuel stabilizer in my generator, I doubt that it would have started after four years of storage.
  15. Dad, My inlaws have used an electric Brinkmann smoker for years to smoke turkeys and they always come out very good. I prefer to grill my turkeys at a higher temperature than "low and slow" because the skin gets crisper and I think they taste better. If you want to cook at a lower temp. then maybe use cold water in the water pan and then add ice to it during the smoke? I think that the most important thing is that you don't overcook the bird; it is done when the breast hits 160 degrees.