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  1. They are good. They are awesome. Don't do one if you have an addictive nature. I'm hooked on em. They are fun to put together and it gets to be really hard not to make a couple up to munch on while the Butt smokes. One of these is a pizza fatty with pepperoni, cheese, mushrooms, olives, tomato sauce and Parmesan. The other is a Greek Fatty with Spinach, pesto, black olives and feta. Shweeeeet!
  2. I want to throw my 2 cents worth in here on the jerky. It's very important to cure the meat you are going to dry for jerky. Any meat between the temps of 40 degrees and 140 degrees creates a breeding ground for bacteria and toxins. The cure isn't to preserve the meat but to keep it from spoilage during the smoking and drying process. Curing is a matter of adding the cure to your marinade overnight. I always use it and wouldn't think of eating jerky that has been dehydrated or dried in any manner that took more than 3 or 4 hours and didn't bring the meat to done temps. If you don't cure your meat it doesn't mean you are necessarily going to get sick on it, but it does increase your odds of making yourself sick. Curing insures that the meat can be smoked or dehydrated without the worry of bacteria. By the way.... good looking jerky.
  3. Shweeeeet!
  4. [Awesome. I'm gonna have to do something soon. My wife says I have more stuff than her and I've been pushed to the garage. I see an outdoor kitchen in my future. Great project.
  5. Went up to KY over the holidays and took some more pics of the pig cooker. It's a little hard to see but there is a trough running down the middle that catches all the drippings and we usually fill it half way with apple juice before we start. There is a drain in the bottom to clean the trough out. You can also see the baffles and how they run the drippings into the trough. The interesting thing is.... there wasn't much in the trough at the end of the cook. The baffles are so hot that when the grease hit them it would sear the smoke up into the pig. Another cool thing about the design is by placing the pig halves in the baskets rib side down, they baste themselves by dripping into the rib cavity. My brother is adding a 2" hitch and a jack so Dad can move it around and get it in the barn by himself. The only drawback to this cooker is that it is so big... you have to cook for an army when you use it. That happens once a year. Kind of a shame. Maybe with this thing sitting in the back yard Dad will find some more reasons to celebrate with a pig. The pig is halved and is placed in each basket. The lid to the basket is adjusted to the pig with pins. The pig is turned with this handle by pulling out the pin, rotating and replacing the pin. We did this about every hour.
  6. This was a really easy and different way to serve up Salmon. It's soaked in dark rum then encased in a brown sugar rub for 6 hours. Covered with a little home made hol-n-daze sauce. And it's so good for you.
  7. Billy Goat, Give this a try. Everything you need to know and more. I haven't had the scotch eggs. Dave http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/forums/fo...isplay.php?f=89
  8. A couple of days ago I'd never heard of them. What a find. There are entire forums dedicated to "Fatties". The fun thing is that they only take 2.5 hours to cook up and you can make them any flavor you want. Stuff them with anything from lasagna ingredients to turkey and gravy with mashed potatoes. And they really are good.
  9. I just had a taste of my first smoked fatty. O my Gosh! I have a new favorite food. Greek layers: Pesto Sawtayyyyyed Spinach Sawtayyyyyed green peppers and onions black and green olives red peppers feta cheeeeeze 6 Italian cheeeezes Pizza layers: Pizza sauce Pepperoni olives mushrooms Sawtayyyyyyed peppers and onions parmeziannnn provolona banana peppers The greek fatty got a combo of sausage and ground pork. The pizza fatty had maple peppered bacon Smoked these little darlins for 2.5 hours with a sweet mesquite smoke flowing gently over them the entire time....... Smoked them on the el Cheapo Brinkman. The Masterbuilt is in the garage getting a smoke daddy installed. Man o Man! These are addicting!
  10. I pat my burgers out and set them in a shallow pan with allegro marinade. This stuff is good on everything. Let them stand about 10 minutes on each side... slap em on the grill with some salt, pepper and garlic powder. From there it's whatever you want on it. Also try the allegro on pork chops.... and I love to brush my steaks with it when they are cookin.
  11. Your a Hoot! Thats what you are!
  12. Huck, The coals are on a grate about 3 inches above the floor. Right at a foot above the charcoal grate is a 6 X 6 trough that runs the entire width of the cooker. There are two baffles on each side of the trough so that when the grease runs off the pig it either sears and burns on the baffles or runs into the trough. I was really surprised at how little grease was in the trough after we cooked the pig. The baffles leave about 2 inches all the way around the cooker for the heat to rise and they are set about 2 inches above the trough so that the heat can come up the middle also. The spit is designed for two cut halves of pig. They load into baskets one over the other ribs pointing to each other. This is also a self basting thing. Charcoal and wood chunks are loaded from the rear so the door doesn't have to open. I'm working on a much smaller version of this thing. You could actually get two whole pigs in this one. The spit is made to turn by hand one half turn every now and then to keep things even. I'll get some better pics of the inside next time we smoke with it. I'm going up to KY for Christmas and might just fire that mother up with about 10 butts in it just for fun.
  13. Heres my two cents. OK.... maybe a pennies worth. I say find a grill you like in your price range and buy it. I've found people who love the grill they have and nobody else does. There are a few things I think are important but they are usually taken care of in the price range thing. I have simple tastes and the digital readouts and all the bells and whistles aren't my thing but they may be just what someone else is looking for. Have fun.... spend what your comfortable with and do your research on the things that are important to you. One thing I can say about Charbroil is they stand behind their product, parts are easy to get and they ship them right out and they stand behind the warranty they give you. That's been my experience. Good luck!