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  1. I like you Tubby..... Those soft little bas#$ards.
  2. Thanks for all the positive comments. I fully intend to cover the chain. Nothing stops a BBQ like a little kids finger getting cut off. Don't even get me started on what my buddy's may do. Thanks for the grease fire info. I will make a deflector ASAP
  3. No plans for Darwin awards, I'll put a cover on before the first cook. The gear motor has no reverse. or E stop. Plan on having a pig roast at the end of the semester. I'm used to it.
  4. I got an event grill from Sams for $250 on clearance. Because I only intend to use it 3-4 a year I came up with a way to get a few more uses out of it. All of the machined parts were done by my students. (my part time job) I also figured a way to use my remote temp probe while the pig is rotating. http://s214.photobucket.com/albums/cc82/za...mview=slideshow
  5. Sorry I cant help you with pictures, I'm very interested in seeing what you do. My outdoor kitchen plans include a pizza oven and a convertible grill \ griddle. I live in So. California and do most of my cooking outside.
  6. The total BTU is 116000. I'm guessing this going to get me down the road. As far as the propane goes, it has a right and left side tanks. I cant imagine that I would empty two tanks cooking a pig. I intend to cover the top and sides to hold in heat. Do you think this will be O.K.? maybe I should make a charcoal basket?
  7. Here are some updated pictures of my progress. I hope to install the sheet metal next weekend. Also, I ordered the motor this week and it should arrive next week.I hope I can finish this thing in the next few weeks.
  8. Ronald No shoes this trip. I do plan on fabricating a sheet metal enclosure that will fold up flat for storage. Cuskit Looking forward to your input..........
  9. So my wife went to Sams club today and she came home with a surprise. I looked at this grill several months ago and couldn't see spending $400 on it. Today they had one left and cooked a few burgers on it to demo the unit. My wife picked it up for $250. That's a deal. Here's my plan, I would use it when we have a party to grill stuff and I would like to add a frame on it to cook a pig. The sketch shows a very crude illustration of what I'm thinking. I welcome any input from the Think Tank.......
  10. well said Darren..........
  11. Thanks Cuskit....... I'll be sure to tip one for ya.....
  12. Scotty, here is a pit ratio calculator I used to build my pit. The guy did a great job and many have used it.. if you have any questions P.M me. http://webpages.charter.net/tomchism/BBQ%2...0Calculator.htm
  13. That looks great...... I hope you will post more pics, looks like you did a quality job. I find the best thing about making your own smoker is standing around drinking beer, tending the fire and appreciating a job well done.
  14. I would recommend it. I do it for a living so I'm bias, but it is a great product. You never have to paint it. That alone Makes it worth it. In California you can expect to Pay around $10 - 13 a square foot installed for a solid roof. Make sure you get a licensed company to do the job and negotiate the price.
  15. Strong work. Looks like you took your time. I miss the BBQG site they had allot of good info, glad you posted here.