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  1. Happy Owner of Jenn-Air 720-0061-LP. My grill doesn't appear to get as hot as your center burners. My tammers do not glow red. I suspect the center oriface has been damaged and is sending too much gas to the burner. That would account for the yellow flames. It possible that the center burner is using so much gas that it is drawing some from the side burners and lowering the heat on them. Ask Nexgrill to send you a new oriface.
  2. Happy Owner of Jenn-Air 720-0061-LP. I would guess 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 Hours with rotisserie alone. It will come out great though. If you use the side burners on low 1 1/4 to 1 3/4 hours but you should check on it after an hour. The final temp should be 160 F but you should be able to take it off at 158 F and let it coast for 10 Min covered off the grill and it will hit 160.
  3. Happy Owner of a 720-0061-LP. I actually took offence a little about your VC vs Nexgrill comment. Like any new product especially one that seems to be so popular that demand is outstripping supply the CS and supply chain gets stretched and problems arise. From what I hear CS is improving immensly and manufaturing problems being ironed out as the supply chain and CS is strengthened. Everytime I go into Lowes I don't see any Nexgrill JA's. As far as the quality of the the cooking and taste it's as good as my brothers expensive VC and mine doesn't have rust where the lids been scratched. VC and Webber are great products and IMHO once the JA by Lowes get thier act together so will JA.
  4. Happy Owner of the Jenn-Air 720-0061-LP. I definitly would. My grill has surpassed all my expectations except one. The Rotisserie burner on the 45K is too small. But using the rotisserie and the end burners, when needed, works great, so no worries. Those that have called and gotten the 15K for thier 12K now seem happier so you might see a change next year.
  5. Happy Owner of a Jenn-Air 720-0061-LP. Do you think that would work on the ouside lid. I'm getting a little brown grease spots at the edges. Like in the Lid where it meets the grill all the way around and on the rotisserie holes. I know a SOS pad would work but prefer a chemical method over scratching my SS. If it won't who cares as it's outside under a cover but hey it's a sexy beast when it's clean and I'm havin' a party.
  6. Happy owner of Jenn-Air 720-0061-LP. Not as much as I get when I fill the cavity with cut up lemons for my imfamous lemon/pepper chicken rotisserie. The chickem was moist but I screwed up in trying to block the neck hole. The potato slice fell over the can and limited the steam. Next time I will use tooth picks to secure it on the outside. I went simple my first time out on a sober chicken, Kosher salt, Ground pepper and and sprayed with a light virgin olive oil. Thankfully the bird came out great. The roaster suggests 7up as a flavorizor; MMM... 7and7 Chicken.
  7. Used Dr. Pepper and the roaster and it turned out great. It's consistency and taste was a lot like a Rotisserie but you can use a liquid. So this gives me another arrorw in my BBQ quiver. The roaster worked out great as I could use tongs to grab the chicken and a fork to hold the roaster. $7.00 SS Roaster I'm not regretting it as it seemed to guarantee a stable chicken during cooking and removal.
  8. Happy owner of Jenn-Air 720-0061-LP. Have never done one. I did buy a $7.00 beer can roaster and plan on doing one sunday. I don't drink but I friend uses Dr. Pepper and swears buy it. But you can't do beer can roasts can you.
  9. B)Happy Owner of a Jenn-Air 720-0061-LP. I have had my grill since March and have not emptied my tray once. the tammers seen to work great once thier hot.
  10. Happy owner of Jenn-Air 720-0061-LP. Rotissering is slow even cooking. Roasts, loins and chicken come out so tender and juicy it's hard to describe except to say mmmm. Chicken is so tender that it usually falls apart when trying to remove the cooking twine. My favorites are 1) Lemon Ppper Chicken (Lemon Pepper rub with cut up lemon in the cavity); 2) Mustard Peppercorn coated beef roast; 3) Lime zested prok loin. There are lots more. For $70 take a chance.
  11. Happy Owner of a Jenn-Air 720-0061-LP. To whom it may concern this is the letter I recieved from L G Sourcing: Dear Lowe’s Customer, Thank you for your recent purchase of a “Jenn-Air” gas grill from Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse. We hope that you are enjoying your grill. We have recently received some calls relating to low gas pressure on the main burner. Customer input is vital in ensuring the products we carry are of the best quality. In response to these concerns we would like to bring to your attention that low gas pressure to the grill burners may be the result of the hose connector for the side burner not being wrench tightened. You must be sure to tighten all gas connections, including the side burner, with a wrench and conduct a gas leak test on all gas connections using soapy water as explained in the Owner’s Manual. This will ensure proper gas pressure and dependable service from your grill. If you have any service related questions, please call 1-800-348-7998 (9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. EST). Thank you again for your purchase. Here is a link to thier website LG Sourcing L G Sourcing is a wholly owned Subsidiary of Lowe's in China and probably contracted the building of Jenn-Air grills for Lowe's from Nexgrill. Again my hose and regulator were not installed as I unboxed the grill and put it together I wrench tightened all the Bolts.
  12. The LP was a letter targeted to Jenn-air owners. It seems that a lot of calls for low pressure were related to that. It specifically stated that the side burner connection should be wrench tight not hand. As mine was not installed I checked mine at assembly time after I connected it. I also check mine periodically(once or twice a year) just because I'm paranoid. I have three tanks now, 2 - 5 gal and a 1 gal. Costco had 5-gal(20 lbs) tanks on sale for $20 or $21 recently. So now I swap out tanks when I have to, and have a month to refill the empty. The 1-gal tank is for camping as it is easier to handle and is the equivelent of 8 little canisters.
  13. One person stated that his took 7-9 weeks to happen to his, as his burners were turning yellow was the reason he checked. One might make the assumption the bowed bruners became dirty and yellowed his flame and they might have been bowed to begin with. I use my grill a lot, 2-3 times a week since march and mine are laser straight and almost an invisable blue today. The first thing as a new owner I would do is check the burners at assmebly time. Also LP industries sent me a letter asking me to check the tightness of the side burner hose. It seems a lot of people are not tightening it and getting gas leaks.
  14. Mine's never gone out when lit, Though I have to wait 10 seconds from when I turn the gas on brefore I can light it. A couple of times its been windy 8-15 mph and I could hear the burner flaring when the hood was open. After looking under the lid which was open 1" I could see it was still lit and not being disturbed.
  15. Hey unless the manager is a real s#$@head they should return it no questions asked. All thier transactions are stored just for that purpose. This is especially true since the item is only carried by Lowes. Complain all the way up the food chain unless you would use the store credit.