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  1. I'll take a 30 inch piece of your left over hinge if you are interested?
  2. Fantastic Mods. I like your version of these mods, especially the moving portion of the rear lid vents. These are the two best mods relative to heat retention for these grills and I especially like your versions. I might even change my top gap version to your version this weekend. How about a link for the hinge supplier?
  3. would like to see the pictures.
  4. Here are some pictures of the blank off plate to cover the rear vents. the piece is 5.5 by 27 with all sides hemmed. I fit small angles (mirror hangers) so you simply hang in on the vent openings. Attach in a few seconds, remove when you don't want to use it. I would probably go 5.25 inch by 27 to give some more up and down room when trying to get the hooks to catch.
  5. Very easy, just make use you use a center punch to keep the bits from drifting.
  6. Pictures of heat retention mod. 0.5 inch by 1 3/8 inch by 30 inch long. The top is hemmed for a little more strength and rigidity.
  7. The top piece is fixed with four 1/4x24 stainless nuts and bolts. The back piece will be removable. Right now I am using some studs which go through the vents and then using a large washed and wing nut. It keeps it is place fine and is quickly removed after cooled down. The center divider was not made properly and is being remade by my sheet metal guy. I will post pictures
  8. Thanks to all you guys on this board, I completed the center divider mod and the other mods involving shutting down the huge gap between the covers when closed and also the rear louvered gaps. I had all three pieces made from 304 stainless by my local sheet metal guy for $30. The top piece measures 1 3/8 inch high and 30 inches long (4 burner). The back piece is 5.5 x 27 The center divider is exactly to the drawing posted on this board (a little tighter so i don't have to bolt it in). Just fitting the top piece by itself made a significant difference to the preheat time. I will wait a little longer before I drill out the orifices. thanks for all the help
  9. Got a new Jenn Air 720-0062-LP for Christmas. I am interested in a Grill Mate for this grill, but I am not sure which one people are using for the four burner Jenn-Air. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Just ordered up some flavorizer bars for my Genesis grill on Ebay. These things are great and for only $50.00 for the whole set. Pretty nice.
  11. Went by Lowes tonight and was seriously talked out of a Jenn - Air purchase. The salesman was a big Weber fan and felt the warranty outweighed all other aspects of the choice. I have a Weber Genesis now and have big problems with chimneying any time there's the smallest breeze. I am still leaning towards the 48K four burner Jen-Air. Should I stay with the Genesis or move on too the Jenn-Air
  12. I understand the analogy with the car manufactures, but in terms of grills if they are manufactured with the same spec of stainless (body), and most of the internal components (valves and burners) are identical than the difference is not as dramatic as the cadillac versus geo comparison. I would think more like a mercury versus the same ford model (just different badging). Warranties can be indicators of quality but they also can be attempts by companies to rectify existing quality issues or secure market share. With the bowing burner issue and various other issues that are frequently discussed on this board, without a good warranty the Jenn-Air would be a disaster. Additionally, if most defects are infant mortality type issue, than a three year warranty is more than sufficient. I guess the real question is how is the quality two or three years out versus immediately out of the box.
  13. What is the quality comparison between the Nexgrill from Target and the Jenn-Air from Lowes. Their is a significant price difference ($550 vs $850), but with both being manufactured and serviced by the same group, can they be that different? Looking to purchase soon so I need some good advise. thanks