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  1. No just decided to run some new recipes and timing on the new smoker. Our first comp is in two weeks we will have plenty of pics then.
  2. Our new website is up and running take a peek if you can and I would like to get some free samples bottles of our sauce out to guys so the first six to notify me will have some shipped there way. www.purpleporkmasters.com
  3. Here are a few pics from this past weekends cook felt good to get cookin again.
  4. Our new website will be up shortly with all the dates and locations getting the itch already!!
  5. Dont tempt me I am already introuble for this year with to many BBQ goodies. I work in West Chester Pa during the week and commute home on the weekends could drive by and check it out. What the fark am I saying I am talking myself into it already
  6. Not a bad deal!!!
  7. Great place go there if you can!!!
  8. I will be there again this year stop by and have a cocktail or two
  9. Doing an entire competition practice cook the weekend of the 23rd in Westchester Pa. Anyone who is interested in the process are more than welcome to come and check it out.
  10. I have played with one last year at a competiton worked well built ok. What isnt priced high these days. I might have to get one have been doing alot of Pizza contests at the BBQ comps and the BGE is a bit heavy to carry around the northeast.
  11. Thanks man I will. We will be doing Comps in Pa Md Longisland and New York hope to see some members out there.We always have lots of left over goodies to feast on.
  12. Man you guys are tough guess I deserve it . Have been out of the loop for a few years. I would luv to be able to hand out a unit to play with but if you are around the Newengland states and want to check them out at one of our competions please do so I can post our schedual. I dont not have a store they are mostly custom orders. Here is the web addy to view them all and I will have them listed on my site soon. www.backwoods-smoker.com I do this more for fun and some extra money to fund our competitons. Here is my email if anyone would like to contact me directely on these units or competion bbq catering,vending ect. backwoodsmokers@gmail.com. Thanks guys!!!
  13. Man its been awhile since I have been here time to get back on the wagon hey all I am back I Have some seriouse spring deals going on now!!
  14. Hey Pat there are some tricks to get good smoke on the pellet cookers but once learned they cook very well. The new unit they came out with does a great job both smoking and grilling. The ceramics work very well the pellet cookers allow you to do both a little more easily and a little more versatile. The Backwoods can use both but the lumb does not give you as long a burn time. If you use lump briquettes you get the both worlds.
  15. These have been around for quit awhile and are gaining popularity on the comp. circuit. The are very efficient and burn around 1-3 pounds per hr. depending upon the size you buy. I will be getting their large commercial model over the winter for volume cooking you can't beet it.