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  1. I cure and hot smoke bacon in a WSM, but the cooking temp needs to kept between 170-190 IMO. I use a small fire and a guru temp control on the smoker to keep at this level, but I'm sure your Weber could be modified to get low indirect heat ( ie- some fire bricks or small amount of charcoal in a coffee can). I pull the bacon at an internal temp of 145 and it turns out great. Canadian bacon (using a pork loin) uses a similar cooking/temp process and turns out very good as well.
  2. If you have the receipt, you should be golden. Good production year or not, you can call grill services and get new burners, tamers, cooking grates for the price of shipping (with a receipt).
  3. I have enjoyed "How to Grill" (by Steven Reichlen) over the years. It has some nice illustrations as well.
  4. Went camping as well over the weekend and used the Q220 for the first time. Had similar remarks to Logic and the sear marks were incredible on this thing. I got the griddle attachment and it worked great for pancakes, eggs, and bacon.
  5. The foiled clay saucer is placed in the water pan ( in place of using the water) and used as the heat sink . Everything works the same inside the WSM (ie- grates are in the same spot). After you run the smoker, the grease will collect in the foil of the clay saucer and just needs to be disgarded (super easy clean up).
  6. Use a foiled clay pot in the pan if you don't like cleaning up the nasty water.
  7. Tim- It appears that you have been happy with your current Weber, so save for the WSM ( you will not be disappointed).
  8. The Thermapen is my go to thermometer. Pros- It's fast, accurate, and big display Cons- price tag The Maverick wireless is ok , but the accuracy is supect at times.
  9. Would this burner be used as a sear burner ? If so, I did one last year based on Reelkeens link ( not sure if I did the link the correct way ) and it works great. In fact, I bought another for large cookouts. http://www.bbqsource-forums.com/invboard/i...elkeen&st=0
  10. My .02 - Well trimmed briskets are very difficult at best . The cryo version with some fat on it (packer even better) should provide a better window for success. As Pat stated, every brisket is different and time/temp does not always = tender. Using a probe or fork to check for tender will provide a more accurate way to tell when it's done.
  11. Brisket should be tender and slice easily across the grain, but not "fall apart" or stringy. I was having the same consistency issues on low and slow briskets (ie- fall apart overdone , tough, dry), so I switched to smoking them at higher temps (and foiling) and had better luck. 1-Now smoke around 325 for 2.5 hours or until meat temp gets in the low 160's 2-Wrap in HD foil and cook @ 350 for another 1.5 hrs or so (until you can put a fork in/out the meat without any resistance) 3- Let rest for .5 hrs and slice
  12. The past few years, I have ordered warranty parts a year in advance of when I "think" I will need them. Well, the last order had grill grates as part of my request and tried to put them on the grill and they don't fit like before. Called GS yesterday and they told me the warehouse must have packed the wrong ones ( even though the packing slip showed the correct grill on it) and the others are on backorder ( 6 weeks imagine that). You can't count on GS to have the items when you need them, so the game continues.
  13. I used the K Comp a few weeks ago in the smoker and liked it better than the standard K for the same reasons cited in the review ( longer burn, faster start, and less ash). Costco was selling it at special promo price ( I think it was around $3 cheaper than normal) and found it worth the additional cost.
  14. $525 for the model that needs ignitors is too high IMO.
  15. I assume these models have lifetime warranty on them. If so, I would choose the one that still has the sales receipt so you can get the burners, flame tamers, and cooking grates under warranty for free (you will need to pay for shipping but that is not much compared to the cost of them).