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  1. I just ordered an old forum favourite, GRIDDLE-Q GQ-120, 1/2 size for about $90. Looking forward to putting it to use.
  2. WOWSERS...you guys have come a long way since my last visit. Now we're doing Video Grill Porn we did an early Steak & Potatoes for Mother's Day supper tonight. Turned out great.
  3. Happy New Year Everyone....here's to another great year of grilling, smoking etc.
  4. started reading and noticed how long this thread was......then i realized it was because of Bill's signature
  5. thanks jeff....that link to Tim M's site looks like it has a wealth of knowledge, pics and description on it for ceramic cookers....now i have even more to read.
  6. thanks, glad you confirmed what he said. experimentation and trial/error will be the key. bought another 10lb bag of lump, and filled it up tot he 2" above hold level and will try it out shortly.
  7. thanks Vindii, i got another response on a Shaving Forum of all places (badger & blade) stating the same...i had no idea you could re-use the lump from cook to cook in these things.... looks like i have some reading, trial and error and experimenting to do. it'll be fun though. here was his response: You will quickly get an idea how much lump you use during a cook and when you want to add more. Within reason, there is really no way to have too much lump in the cooker. You can even use the level of the lump to get the fire closer to the steaks for a hot sear. I looked at the pictures of your cooker in the review on the Naked Whiz' site and I would say that you should shoot to have your lump at least 1-2" above the level where the holes are in the side of the ceramic fire ring. You do want to get the bottom vent sealed so that the fire goes out when the top and bottom vents are closed. If you have gaps around the bottom vent and it is not too hard to remove, then doing that and sealing with high temp silicone sounds like the way to go.
  8. resurrecting a 2y old thread! just fired up my Vision Kamada (from costco) for a dry run on a nice inside supper night. used 1 chimney starter full of lump and had it up to 600+ in minutes. closed off the vents (per the manual) to the appropriate levels (top vent closed, bottom about 1/5 open) and had it at about 225-250 for about 2-3hrs.... once i hit the 600, i closed off some vents to choke the fire and bring it down to the 225-250 where i was trying to get before i reopened the vents to the levels listed in the manual. my question is, if you want to smoke a pork butt for 12-14hrs or whatever meat, how many chimeny starters are you using? or are you using 1 lite, then piling on some unlit? new smoker, new questions for this guy.
  9. bought, assembled and sitting next to my VC right now. now the question is, do i throw on tonights skewers that are marinated in sauce or start with burgers/smokies. i think i'll hold off and try out something simple first. thanks cuskit, your confirmation makes me feel even better not that i already have it on the deck. i wonder if my wife will notice when she wakes up from working nights and looks out the window? we talked about it, but did not confirm we should buy it, but i couldn't risk not having it there in a week. and like you said, the forever return policy makes it worth it in the end. for $616 cdn, taxes in, i think i got a good deal. i was very impressed with the build quality and construction of the cart and side tables. all bolts, no screws, hardware and tools included, no striped bolts...took about 20-30min once we got the 250lb beast onto my little grilling deck area. i only wish my Tel Tru BQ300 would have fit in the predrilled hole to upgrade the thermometer, but no go. it's too big
  10. seriously looking at a Kamodo. wife says i have to get rid of the Weber Kettle, which i'm ok with as she doesn't want 5 bbq's on the deck. i can get a Kamado Joe wth cover and the little fold out side tables NEW in BOX for $550+tax in canada. i'm thinking of just buying it and worrying about selling it or placing it later. appears to be made (a quick google search) by Vision Grills and is currently at Costco in canada, in store for $549. with the costco warranty, it's probably a no-brainer. it seems too cheap to be true or am i missing something? any thoughts? here's another thread on it by someone else with their pics: http://www.greeneggers.com/index.php?option=com_simpleboard&func=view&id=1114443&catid=1 some comparissons: http://www.bbq-brethren.com/forum/showthread.php?t=65729 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybAhPXsPbOU
  11. picked one up at Winners in Canada (like your TJ Max) for $5. any tips or tricks so i don't break it, or did i waste some money on a piece of junk?
  12. been using my VC VM448N for a few years now and LOVE it. built like a tank, no flare up, all stock parts still working great. i was a little weiry when they filed for BankRuptcy and actually didn't even know they were back. time to try and backdate my registration, just in case i have any problems in the future.
  13. i forget where my wife bought it, some little fancy shop here locally. they are available online. it's got a nice balance underneath, one handed grabbing. i put my PAM in one slot, oil in one and BBQ sauce or marinade in the other. it's worked out well the 1st few times i used it. i think it's available online, but i'm sure it would be available in some of the smaller cookware stores.
  14. here is the Epicurian BBQ tray. worked like a charm, i think it's going to come in handy. i think the long silicone hole is for utensils, but mine are too big , so i thru the aspargus in there.
  15. Roblin Choice Meats (our local butcher) beef side ribs, asparagus and baked potatoe