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    I'm a smokaholic. I own many grills/smokers. Trying to cut back but having a hard time. <br />I'm a shriner and ride on a competition motorcycle drill team. <br />Family comes first!
  1. Thatks for sharing these Dave. I'm looking forward to seeing more of them when you have time!
  2. Very nice, Dave!!!!! Some pretty fabulous islands here for sure. The one with the big smoker is amazing!!!!! I love all the features. Drooling and waiting for my ship to come in! Headed down to get my lottery ticket..... ;-) Thanks for sharing.
  3. Absolutely beautiful islands, Dave!!!!! Thanks for sharing and keep em coming!
  4. TEC hopefully wont go to hell! Everyone is so worried about price right now even when it affects quality. Very disappointing for sure! Hopefully it was just the HD model that didn't have the insulated hood although not really sure if that would affect performance or not. I also looked at the red. OMG! What a piece of shit that has become! No more insulated hood on that either! I opened it and the hood flexed like mad! They had an older model with a dent in it and it felt so much more sturdy. WTF is going on here??? It's all about price and profit for the company.... which I do understand but don't you think quality should play a part in it??? I cooked on a red the last couple of weeks and it was a great grill! Very easy to slow cook ribs AND to sear steaks! Kinda hard to get the temp down below 270 though, even with only one burner on low. Ribs turned out great anyway! No direct heat made for perfect looking ribs. I stacked them and they were moist and juicy. Then I added the bbq sauce about 30 minutes before they were done and left them on low. A perfect sticky gooey lushious coating with no burning! I'd definately give the old Red a recommendation... not sure of durability though. The new one??? Not so much just from the way it felt. Very flimsy! Just my 2c, Sinko Reviewo
  5. I just got back from Home Depot. None of the Genesis grills on the floor have insulated hoods! I guess they aren't going to advertise this but of course it makes the grills cheaper to mfg. Seems they are going to cheapen themselves out of being a great grill mfg! Weber, I'm watching you! Hopefully they just cheapened down the HD grills. Maybe it's an option instead of a feature going forward. It would surely be a way to give greater value for not going to the big box stores. Sinko Watcho
  6. Oh wow, that looks so good, Shelly!!!! I love the glazing affect of the sauce! It looks absolutely SHELLYLICIOUS!!!! Sinko Sticko
  7. Great idea on the rum! I'm thinking of coating the chicken in coconut, like coconut shrimp! I just discovered the McCormick Montreal Chicken seasoning. It' great! I actually made a rub out of it by adding brown sugar! It's GREAT! Sinky Rummy
  8. Well... It obviously is 3 strikes there Shelly. You already have better equipment to do what you want. Should be interesting to see if the Element does anything different before you order your new TEC!!!! OK.. I said it twice now! Sinko correcto
  9. So when you take the Element back, are you finally going to order the TEC???? What kind of deal are you going to give me on your old TEC??? Sinko Tease-o
  10. When is it supposed to be there? Can't wait to see the pix! Sinko waito
  11. I always leave the top vent full open for long smokes. Close it a bit for shorter smokes. My older version of the MES works GREAT! I always get smoke. As much as I want. As for nothing in the drip pan, I sometimes get "drippings" in it and sometimes not. If all of your "drippings" are going into your water pan, nothing will come out the bottom. If I do 8 butts at a time, I have to empty the outside tray at least once, unless the cats are around that is. They have redesigned the wood tray. I'm thinkin even with the redesign, the wood tray should still be right on top of the burner.?
  12. What a POS, Scott! (DOH! I have one too but without the bells and whistles...) I bet that thing wont even burn wood!!!! Besides, why do you need a smoker anyway? Just set your meat ( ) on the patio and blow some smoke on it! Might work better! LOL! Hmmmm...... LMAO! oh.. sry buddy... Scott had a little trouble getting his smoker to burn wood as it was so hot outside and the burner would just cycle on for a minute or so, then shut back off. Not enough heat to burn the wood! He said he was going to call Masterbuilt and see what they had to say. It just keeps the temp so close that the burner wont stay on long enough. Good luck with your next smoke, buddy!
  13. John, Beautiful job on the grill! I know I'm too late but next time use WD40 to remove things like stickers. It is some pretty amazing stuff and most people have it around the house! The dents can be removed with a body hammer and a dolly. Takes a bit of messing but you can make it look good as new with some practice. Keep up the great recycling work! Sinko Hammero
  14. You could take a bath in it if you had more! Just think how much the wifey/sig other would like to.... NEVERMIND! G..... Keep it rated G, Sink! Bad Sink, BAD!!!!! Sinko Dipo
  15. Actually, breaking wind around your grill could be VERY DANGEROUS!!!! Use extreme caution or walk away from the grill if you need to do it! Wind can blow out your flames if your grill is on too low. How about putting your grill against the house instead of out in the wind? Mine has never blown out next to the house, but did when it was out on the other side of the deck. Sinko Farto