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  1. Wow Mike, I haven't had ribs that looked that good in about a year that were cooked on the grill, the pictures are great and I can almost taste them. corn looks great too. I'll have to try that sometime. But you know, the other day was a bad day to grill and it was stormy and my Wife took the ribs along with some sweet baby ray's sauce and put them in a slow cooker and boy they were great and my hat is off to my Wife who is a great cook. Kid
  2. I would be careful having a grill against the house. I have a friend in Maine who wanted to preheat his grill, another friend thought it was too windy and moved the grill next to the house. By the time they went out to cook the food, the side of the house and siding was melting. Luckily, the house is still there.
  3. I agree with you and I just got back from Johnson's Farm, had the pancakes, real maple syrup and sausage,coffee. You know what gets me though, other than a place like Johnson who makes and serves real maple syrup, many places give you artificial syrup. come on give me a break this is New England and you have to pay extra! A few years ago I ordered crab meat for salad and they gave me langostinos. I like Alaska king crab legs and when I do get them I know I pay a lot for them but consider how they are caught in the Bering Sea I'm not complaining. If I want Maryland Crabs thats what I want. So I didn't mean to rant but yes they should say style. Hey Ronald, it won't be long now when baseball season starts. I'm a Red Sox fan but I told you before I do like the Orioles and Brooks Robinson Opps, long time ago I'm dating myself. have a good day Kid
  4. Ronald, I just went on the site, it's johnsonsfarm.net and I'm going there for waffles this morning. kid
  5. and that's why I had rice pilaf for my carbs, nothing wrong with naked burgers although my Wife dresses it up with ketchup. kid
  6. I got the Weber Q200 recently and thought I would try it out today. I was very impressed with how well it cooked the burgers. They were nice and charred with the grill marks. more so than my large weber grill. I think because of the closeness of the burner to the food. I like the idea that it is so portable and will be able to take it with us on a day trip. I got the adapter to fit a larger cylinder. I read a lot of good comments about this grill in this forum as well as reading reviews on amazon although I didn't get it from them. We had a simple dinner tonight, burgers, salad and some rice pilaf, coffee. Kid
  7. I'll give it a try, Kid
  8. Mike, just a suggestion, I think you can go to the start menu, click accessories, click system restore and go back a couple of days and pick a time to restore, than reboot. I think it will wipe out your latest version of FF. I installed the new version of FF this morning and didn't have any problems yet. just a thought, Kid
  9. newlyweds eh, we're going on 46 years, that must say something about us. I picked a winner too and wouldn't give her up for the world. The one thing though, she was never interested in going to a baseball game and a couple of years ago I took her to a Redsox game at Fenway Park where Johnny Damon was still playing. She was excited to see him and I think in the first inning a hitter hits a ball to Damon in right center field, he runs and runs until he ran into the bullpen wall and lands flat on his back. After the inning when the Redsox were up, she says to me, when is Damon coming up to bat, I said not today they took him out for injuries. What! What!, lets go Home!. my Son and his Wife took us one other time and we were so high and far out in right field we got nosebleeds. The beer was good though. Now, we watch baseball on HDTV. have a good day Kid
  10. are you sure you won't need waders tonight? I see on the news Jersey got a lot of rain. Mother nature is being kind to you, the news said if was snow you would have had almost 7 feet. I was being nice to you before and now you call me a wuss!!. I fought in WW11 with Autie Murphy, Korea with MacCartha, John Wayne in Vietnam, 3 purple hearts, 2 silver stars, Apolo 13 and a bunch of other stuff Oh, that must have been Tom Hanks talk to later Cuskit, Kid
  11. thanks, I'll try them, my Wife slices up some potatoes mixes them in a dish with a tablespoon of canola oil and a tablespoon of water and puts them on a cookie sheet in a 400 degree oven about 20-25 minutes. We do this on days that I can't use the BBQ. It's almost 1p.m. and I'm getting hungrey, Kid
  12. My Wife makes coleslaw like that but likes the creamytype and she adds sugar, mayo and a little vinegar so it's not too sweet. she also uses the bag but also makes it homemade. I leave it up to her. she liked the looks of your potatoes as I share all the pictures here with her. She's impressed with the beautiful photo's posted here. Kid
  13. that's a nice picture Brucered, the steak looks ready to eat and the potatoes looked perfectly cooked the way I like it. The coleslaw looks like the kind my Wife makes. I think your pictures look just fine, the only trouble I have is trying to rotate the pictures. I'm lucky to have a guy like Cuskit around that can do it for me. Cuskit is so handy. Kid
  14. sorry, just locally and as of yesterday I think he may be done for the season. When I gave him a call yesterday he said I had better get up there and I'm glad I went when I did. a bunch of people came in just as he was filling my containers. I haven't checked on any other shacks around here but I think they are in the same boat. I know of 2 others. One of them is Johnson's Farm and Restaurant. They are open year round and have the best food ie: maple syrup ribs on Thursdays and everyday maple sauages and bacon. I tried to copy there menu here but I was unable too but this is a sample what hey have at Johnson's Maple BBQ ribs Mama rack $11.95, Papa rack $15.95, Yankee Pot Roast $11.95, Maple glazed Salmon -baked- $11.95, Grapenut custard pudding with maple syrup $3.00 and they also make Maple Walnut ice cream small $1.60 medium $2.50 and large $3.10. this is probably Mikeys size. They have about 3,000 buckets for tapping. What's interesting is when your eating your meal and you gaze out the window your view includes the sugar shack, two oxen and Gizmo a beautiful Syrian donkey. Oh, a quart of hand packed ice cream goes for $6.75. They have a website called johnsonsfarm.net, happy sugaring kid
  15. Oh Oh you caught me, it's hard maple syrup, Durango