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  1. Glad to see alls well, I too have cut back on red meat by orders of dr. Still grillin just chicken and turkey and a small steak now and then.
  2. I use a Maverick ET-73 It has alarms to wake you when temps get out of whack
  3. Great
  4. Dont invite them again LOL Meat all the way
  5. I used the same burner and added it to mine. I cut off the very end piece of the IR burner then I cut off about 3" of the old burner(startes longer then made more cuts to get it the right lenght). Mated the 2 together and added a screw to hold them together. Only bad thing is I have to light with a match the lighter doesnt send the flame quit in the right spot. Remember that I accept no responabilty for this jsut telling what I did, it may not work for you and you ruin a perferctly good burner to adapt another. Also my grill was not a weber, not that it makes any different. Mods if I shouldnt have posted this please feel free to delete (Edit: no problemo! cuskit)
  6. If your going by the lid thermometer try another before you do anything else. It may not be as hot as you think thermometer could have went bad
  7. A friend of mine has that same grill, With as small as the surface area and lack of lid space I dont believe anything you do will get the temps down low enough, Cant see using it for anything but grilling brats and burgers. You could get you a small propane or charcoal smoker for the ribs. Maybe try smoking the ribs at home then regrill with some sauce and a cold beer then your ready for the game
  8. Never tried course grind bugers, I alwasy grind twice..course then fine. Notice much of a difference?
  9. Training Mike training.... lol Im lucky after years of training my wife and daughter like all pork or beef medium rare, just have to teach them its all about the flavor
  10. You got that right I probabally wouldnt have one if I had to pay 3-500 bucks the way most side ir drop ins are. And its real SS
  11. just get a seperate tank... you always need a backup anyways
  12. Thats really a dropin, but I cant see why it wouldnt work as a table top. I have the same thing but as a side burner built in
  13. Get that lid back on
  14. Jim my IR burner must not get as hot as yours. I leave it one the whole cooking time chicken doesnt burn??
  15. I dont see any vents, Might be a good place to start, before the big BOOM