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  1. Many thanks for replying. After much badgering of work colleagues, nothing great was offered. I am opting for this place on Oak Island. Comments welcome. http://www.bestbbqonthebeach.com/index.html And then A & G Barbecue & Chicken on the way to the NC Aquarium.
  2. I am will be in the Wilmington NC next month. I can travel around the surrounding area, so can anyone recommend a good place to get some good (smoked) BBQ?
  3. I have had my Old Smokey about a year and many thanks to the folks here, me chicken and port (butts/roast) are A-OK and very enjoyable. However, I still have not managed to figure out how to bring out my (pork) ribs dry. I can wrap them in foil, or part brown them, but the Old Smokey turns'em wet. PLEASE, any suggestions?
  4. I got an electric Old Smokey for my birthday a few days ago. 41 years young and my first smoker. I have done a couple port tender loin's and a chicken, and surprise, surprise chicken was great but the pork a little dry. My results were similar to Daithuy's (Daithuy's pictures and comments) Does any one have a good recipe or guidance for pork ribs done in an Old Smokey? Thank you for your time. - Dan. Smoke Fan. New to BBQ stuff though.