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  1. Hi, I was watching emeril live and he had the guys from mastering the grill.I got at bn.com, it was on clearance, paid about 9.50. i have looking through it and it looks good.
  2. Hi,I would stick with the brass brush. try scotch brite i seen at food stores but i get mine at a auto paint store or you can get it a good auto parts store. i get the 6x9 in grey ultra fine,works good.better than steel wool. just use steel wool on steel not on alloys or you canhave problems later. i need to know what bkf looks like,i can not find it, thanks.
  3. Ronald, I got my grill on 3/19/09. HD had a sale saw the ad in my local paper for $ 199.00 so i got one. it came with porcelain coated grates.
  4. Hi, i just got a e-310 this year with ss steel doors. this a 2008 type so the black doors must be a 2009 type.HD was selling them for a good price so i got one.