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    Outdoor Videography<br />Creating sauces, seasonings, dressings and more.<br />Grilling for family and friends<br />Nothing beats gettin up early and stating the fire for a whole pig roast!
  1. That does sound good... I make asparagus in a pan with garlic and balsamic vinegar.. I just put some evoo in a pan and roll the asparagus and garlic in the vinegar until it kinda caramelizes on the asparagus.... so darn good I can't bring myself to cookin it any other way!! LOL Gonna have to try it your way though!! Sounds good!
  2. His name is Ruger, He is a german shorthair pointer. He does pretty well out by the grill.. I seem to drop something at least once a grilling session..( on purpose) LOL his real weakness is pizzacrust though... lol
  3. Here is on very intent onlooker! Funny thing is he does'nt get table scraps but he is right by the grill whenever I roll it out of the garage! I guess every now and again I may drop something on the driveway????
  4. Thanks for the compliments on the pics. cuskit, I 'm just over here in southeastern Pa and live in some good farming country so we have lots of fresh veggies all summer and into early fall too, like you said there are markets and stands along the road everywhere so the choices are plenty. Gotta love it. logic, You might want to try getting a bunch of veggies on a day you know your firing up the grill and just cooking extra. They are great to have in the fridge for toppings on sandwiches, in salads and I even add them to sauce for pasta sometimes. tony, Sounds like a good grilled pepper you got going there. I never did slices of tomato, Sounds good though. I have done grape tomatoes and when the skins start to pull away I take them and mash them and serve on grilled bread with some crumbled cheese..
  5. I try to include a veggie with every meal. I think sometime we get so caught up in the meat we are cooking that we forget about the veggie for a side. Now I see nothing wrong with a good steamed broccoli or fresh salad, I love them both but I just think grilled veggies are the perfect side. They can add flavor and color to plate and they are fun and easy to grill! I like to place mine in a bowl and add EVOO and red wine vinegar or balsamic vinegar along with either my Lemon Pepper Rosemary blend or sometimes depending on the mood of the meal I will use Cajun. I will add them during the cooking of whatever meat I have on the grill, I like to start hem on the grating then move them up to a rack so the don't get too over cooked. Here are some pics, before ... during.... and after! What are your favorite ways to grill veggies??
  6. I have an older weber maybe 15 years old. It has a cooking surface 15 x 22, and a hole in the middle on the bottom for a drip pan. I upgraded a few years back and have always thought about making a smoker out of this grill. Question is what is the best way to get this done. Where should the smoke enter the box? Does the hole in the bottom need to be closed up? Where can I get a firebox for the wood fire? Must it be custom made or are they available for sale? Ok enough questions...
  7. Peanut oil in the deep fryer; EVOO on the grill. I agree, healthy grilling is a good thing, its the sour cream topping that is hard to stay away from. Yeah I try to include a balance in the intake by including a grilled veggie with almost every meal. Its easy to just fill up on a well cooked meat though. Not sure if you visited my website but you can see what we did as far as omitting certain ingredients in our seasonings. For me personally I like to watch the sodium and MSG levels and the corn syrups solids too.!
  8. Shelly, Thanks, I had a good friend bring some quality cameras help me with the pics. I also am an outdoor videographer so looking through a lense is something I have been dong for a while. I do like the flour tortillas as well. Kinda hard to mess anything up when you throw it in hot oil.. LOL brucered, I tried the peas on a whim one day and just loved em like that. Eggplant and mushrooms are another veggie I like to add to the grilling basket. I agree the more color and texture the better! The sour cream does'nt hurt either. LOL There goes that diet thing again Shelly! LOL
  9. Thanks for the compliment on the pics, It is so true that your eyes do eat first! I love to add reds and yellows whenever I can. As for the tortillas, no I do not make my own. I agree it is hard to find ones. I generally look for the thickest ones I can find in the store, most times they are in with the Mexican food( taco seasonings etc...) I guess I like to overstuff them so thats why I like the thick ones. LOL If you decide to try your own please pass along. One thing I did try was to cut triangle shapes out of corn tortillas and throw them in hot oil, salt when you take them out...they are pretty good that way with fresh salsa!
  10. Let me know if your looking for something special, I will look into it for you!
  11. They really look good. I would like to try that with a little cayenne pepper in that OJ.
  12. Keep me posted! I hope they turn out good for you!
  13. Here is the meal that I make when company come to the house. It is a eye catcher and have a bunch of great flavors. I start with some cut up veggies; carrots, red and green peppers, red onion, broccoli, snap peas, zuccini and whatever else I have on hand. I mix in EVOO, red wine vinegar, garlic powder and some of my Lemon Pepper Rosemary blend. I like to let it marinate for an hour or so. Then I grill them in a basket on my Weber until the carrots are tender.( I like to save about 1/4 of the basket and add it halfway through cooking, this give different textures when done) I also take boneless chicken breasts and marinate the in EVOO and balsamic vinegar with the same Lemon Pepper Rosemary seasoning. About halfway through the veggies I start my chicken. When everything is done I serve a bed of veggies and sliced chicken on a flour tortilla topped with some salsa, jack cheese and sour cream!! here are a few pictures of this meal! The pic of the salad is a leftover dish I like to make with the extra chicken.
  14. It is just Olive Oil and the Rub. I found the keys to pork and most meats is to make sure you have your grill up to temp, try not to flip to often and monitor with a meat thermometer. I take things off the grill when they get within a few degrees of being done, then just give them a few minutes before serving. The only meat I don't let rest is Venison.
  15. Yeah it is nice here, I lived here my whole life... the last few years I have been lucky enough to travel around the country for work, I found many nice places but I don't know if I could leave the mountains here behind! As of now I do not have any whole spices for sale. I could get them but it would have to be bulk (1 pound or more). I will be adding a Maine Sea Salt, and I also have just come across some handpicked Organic Peppercorns from the tropics in Belize.