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  1. They were practically giving away St Louis cut spare ribs here in Tidewater this past weekend so I picked up 4 racks. Not much of a spare rib fan but do like babybacks so figured I would give them a go. Have not cooked spare ribs in 10+ years. Have them smoking away while doing yard work.
  2. You need to make sure you have correct model number. Jenn air made 109 models icw this places webpage www.appliancefactoryparts.com/gasgrillparts/brands/jenn-air/750-0165.html The link is for the grill in title of your post. If not your model number back out of that page and search for your model. Note this site has parts schematic for each model which comes in handy when getting noun name to search else where.
  3. Don't know much about your grill but a quick look on the Appliance Factory webpage some parts are available. I would think finding an ecact match for the cutout in your island would be a crapshoot. Think you would have to do some trim work. On another note I have used the Appliance Factory in the past when ordering parts with grills I have tinkered with and each time it was a good experience.
  4. I dont have any of these in my herd. Here is one dealers thoughts on many companies grills from a different perspective ie.Repair. http://www.allvalleybackyard.com/all-valley-bbq-heater-reviews.php
  5. I agree with you on your aluminum comment. I have one grill in the herd that is all thick wall cast aluminum (PK charcoal) and that puppy retains heat, even cook temps across the grate. Everything that comes off of it is moist and juicy. Would like to think its the cook but I know better. Truth be told other than limited grate space when smoking ribs, BB, brisket etc it rivals the performance of my BGE's.
  6. Once again it is great to see someone bring a classic back to life. As mentioned in the above thread the gal that posted the pic on craigslist that I seen I suspect looked much like the grill you are refurbing. Also as mentioned parts are still to be had from MHP and if you ever call them don't be surprised if Tom (son of designer) answers the phone. Looking forward to seeing some pics.
  7. Visiting down here in Fl and went to a local grocery store and seen this cut of meat on sale called Picanha. Grabbed one with the thought of figuring out how to grill it when I got back to my SIL's. My search on the web indicated that this cut is very popular in Brazil and they call it "Picana". They do it on a Rotis. Here in the states its called a Rump Cap. Its a small triangular cut of meat not to be confused with a Tri Tip which is NAMP 185C. Once at the house and prepping noticed a good fat cap on the guest of honor. Spiced it up. SIL could not find Rotis motor for her Napoleon so I used her Holland Legacy sans Rotis. Cooked it 25 min per side internal temp was about 138° when I pulled it off the grill. Quite a bit of shrinkage during the cook. Meat had a trememdous beefy flavor and very tender. At $3.99lb this cut of meat is a keeper. Will be putting a couple of these puppies in the cooler when I head back home in a week.
  8. I actually just used the cold amoke routine on 2 racks of ribs and have them now cooking away on one of my hollands. Also have 3 racks in my BGE smoking away with my Digi-Q running the show.
  9. If you want to try something different get yourself an olde smoke cone or simular item at store. Light the smoke cone or simular item put your guest of honor on the cooking grate with your grill OFF close the lid. The smoke cone will burn for 25-30 min. After that fire up grill and cook away. Have had success with that method in the past. BTW this cold smoke method works great for smoking cheese.
  10. Andy, Welcome. If you have the room and can swing carting the 1200 with you drag it along. Pretty area you are heading to. Have ridden my bike (SWB recumbent) in the Greenville and Travelers Rest area. Good luck with your move. Jeff
  11. The first egg I bought back in 99 firebox finally cracked. Went to my local BGE retailer and picked up my new style firebox gratis no questions asked. Picked up some new gasket material while I was at it. Mean while on my other egg I have a load of short ribs smoking away with my XMAS gift (Digi Q) running the show.
  12. Don, Rich First off sorry the cook did not turn out for you. A friend of mine gave me a 5+ pound porkbelly that I have not had the nerve to cook yet. Seen multiple youtube vids and done some research. Heck even watched a project smoke episode of Raichlens when he cooked it for some type of Asian bun thing. Couple of vids had procedures for crisping skin. One guy poored hot oil over the fat to crisp it up. Another guy used a gasser to finish it off. Sounded like hitting wood when he tapped it with tongs. Gave both of these ideas a wave off. Then I remembered Triangle posted a German receipe here once with detailed instructions for Krustenbraten. It calls for a difft cut of meat but the process for crisping up the fat is pretty straight forward. With that in mind next weekend I'm going to give it a shot. BTW the original receipe is killer. I have done it twice with success. Fingers crossed on outcome.
  13. Hood, Did not respond earlier because I successfully avoided turkey on Thanksgiving and had my fingers crossed to double dip (read avoid) at XMAS. No such luck. As XMAS approached the invite list was getting large and wife and daughter wore me down. I too hate turkey with a passion. So it was settled turkey would be added to the already planned menu of ham (oven), brisket (BGE). What to do with the turkey? Daughter pipes up remember when you did the turkey on the roots with oranges and sage. Unfortunately I did so broke out my old copy of Weber Grill out Times and located the receipe. Then decided to throw her a curve ball. Decided to do it on the Holland. As I have said in the past Holland's do the best job with fowl than anything I have in the herd. Prepped the bird set it in a roasting rack (Holland's have no rotis) and commenced to cooking this 15lb turkey. Daughter was a bit miffed I was not doing it on the Genesis. Once done have to admit the turkey looked fantastic with crisp skin and moist meat. Got plenty of compliments on it. A take away is I have used this Weber receipe 3x twice on the Genesis and now once on the Holland. Its a keeper. Quick search with Google for Webers rotis turkey with sage, oranges and cloves and the recipe can be found if interested. I avoided the turkey but put a "hurtin" on the brisket and ham.
  14. Hoods last four words in his post should be heeded. Not only do some grills use different gas valves, some manufactures use an inline regulator (AOG) that you must take apart and flip for lack of correct word a "reed" for the appropriate gas being used in addition to changing orifices. Additionally on some grills (AOG/Holland) they mix orifice. Holland main burner and searmate are diff. AOG main burners/side burner/rotis burner all diff sizes. Bottom line know the BTU rating of each (main burners, side burner and rotis burner) for your grill.
  15. Would be a help to know what grills you have tried so as not to stear you to one of those. If you want hot and flame but its not gas look at a Woodflame Delecto. It cooks with small chunks of wood. It gets as hot as blue blazes. I have one tucked away in the motorhome works great but have not used it much lately. Have moved away from searing and have pretty much settled in with my Holland Companion as far as portable grills are concerned. It provides repeatable consistent results. I'm sure most folks on here will recommend the Weber Q series which is a fine grill also.