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  1. Seven and a half years later......the Ducane has been retired! But it has been replaced!
  2. Welcome!
  3. It depends on what your long term goals are. Whatever you decide, get the older versions of the Webers. The new series of grills from Weber are poorly made. I was able to look at all of them and even the $2K grill was poor. The 210 is a cute little grill, the interchangeable grates are a nice feature. Add a rotisserie, and you are all set. The Q has the advantage of being a portable grill. I take ours everywhere! https://ericvandeven.wordpress.com/category/the-weber-q-200/ Getting back to long term.....Do you plan on cooking for more than 8 people at some time? Do you want to "experiment" with different cooking methods? Here is a comparison of three grills. http://www.homedepot.com/p/compare?errorURL=ProductAttributeErrorView&langId=-1&storeId=10051&catalogId=10053&prodComp_1=203597722&prodComp_2=204671575&prodComp_3=202830392&N=5yc1vZc5t5Z1ls The 210, the Q3200, and the Genesis E-330. The 330 is more money, but, offers a side burner, a sear station, and an extra burner. I have always felt that getting more is probably better than wanting more and not having it! If it were between the 210 and 3200, and the grill was staying in one place, I would pick the 210. If I was going to take it to football games, the beach,etc..., then I would pick the Q3200
  4. Just curious, how is this grill holding up? The fire box on the Ducane 4400 has rusted out again, and is unsafe to use. I don't want to spend more money to have this happen again, so I ordered this grill today.
  5. Just another update, I just ordered another set of flavorizor bars from Allparts. The previous ones lasted almost 4 years. The new firebox has started to rust just like the old one did. This will buy me time, to get a new Weber..........in a few years. One newer development, I purchased a couple of those Teflon mats, As Seen on TV, and they work great! Especially for bacon! And, a new electric Masterbuilt smoker!
  6. I am leaning to the Summit, just don't know which one yet. I have plenty of time to make that decision. The firebox is the problem with the 4400 I have. It was poorly welded and that allows moisture to get in the seam, which is what is causing the rust. I'll have to see if I can find the pictures of the old firebox, it nearly fell apart when I swapped it out. Some may not know or remember, but the old Ducanes, the two-burner models, used stamped aluminum as the firebox. My wifes mother had one that sat outside on the patio for 20 years. The only thing that failed was the base, which was steel and the burner tubes. Instead of buying new ones, I made a set out of a pair of aluminum crutches I had! Worked like a charm! The new Webers use the same material for the firebox. The Webers also have a better ignition system and grates. As I said, the Ducane has done everything I asked of it, it just requires replacement of parts that are no longer under warranty and cost almost as much as a new grill. Besides that, changing the firebox requires disassembling most of the grill! Sorry I haven't posted recently, but we moved to Palm City and I had a bunch of work to do to two houses now, our other house we currently rent, and I have had a few injuries in the last year. This running nonsense has to stop! You guys can catch up on my blog: http://ericvandeven.wordpress.com/
  7. Almost a year later...not exactly timely, but I have been a little busy! The "new" firebox was installed and is starting to rust in the same manner as the original one. One of the flavorizer bars is also starting to rust. The burner tubes have held up and surprisingly, so have the burner tube for the rotisserie and the ignitors. The regulator went bad last week, but was an easy fix from Lowes. So far, the grill still hasn't made a bad meal, the only issue is durability. I suspect I get another 3-5 years out of it, then get a Weber. A quick example of last nights dinner....Mojo/barbecued chicken.
  8. Since you already have a Samsung phone, why not a tablet? The 8 inch tablet is fast and will automatically download everything you have on your phone. If you want to go bigger, then the 10 inch model is just as good. I got the 8 inch tablet to try out some software and it was too big to use effectively as a camera, but, all of the software worked and the S4 phone I ended up getting has a better camera and is easier to handle. I use the phone for my home inspection reports and do the entire report on the phone.
  9. Apparently, Weber agreed a month later as a new shiny firebox was on my front porch! It took longer to disassemble/reassemble that than it did to put the grill together originally!!
  10. I don't know about that. The 4400 I have turns 5 this year and so far, I have replaced the ignition system, the flame tamers, and the inner box. Instead of replacing the stock flame tamers with oem, I got stainless steel versions. So far, the rest of the grill is holding up OK, but sometime down the road, I'll end up getting a Weber and turn this one into a smoker..or charcoal grill.
  11. Keep it...give them a gift certificate! You will probably end up using this one more than your other grill! For daily meals, I use the Q. Breakfast: Lunch: Dinner:
  12. Things are looking good so far! The only thing I wold suggest, is that you do something with the two gutter downspouts. Having them dump right at the edge of the cement pad, right where the load is, will eventually cause the slab to crack.
  13. I'll take boring! I have an 11 month inspection on Monday. I inspected the neighbors house and she referred me to this other lady. I am always baffled as to what lengths some will go to do things wrong. On the first ladys house, the pool was stained and the builder said they would correct it. They filled the pool with chemicals and told the lady she couldn't use the pool for two months! All they had to do was drain it, acid wash it and fill it back up. Why is the middle bedroom not as cool as the rest of the house? -------------------------------> And, someone forgot something..........................
  14. See if he gets a tickle from this one....I almost did! We are still trying to figure out what this is: Then, there is this: