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  1. I would be VERY VERY leery of doing anything to increase internal heat. The designers knew the internals and such probably could not stand up to extreme heat build up so designed a way for it to not build up to extremes. I would tread very carefully unless you like the idea of burning down your deck
  2. Keep in mind that the Webers people were raving about were "true" Webers. Weber is no longer the Weber we used to see. They sold out to Black & Decker. All they are now is a name/marketing shill for Chinese made products (same as Black & Decker). Seems anything that company touches goes down the toilet. Old Weber = fantastic product. Well made, long lasting and so on. New Weber all you're buying is a Chinese product with a premium warranty package but even that is slipping. Not sure (OP) why you are having a hard time figuring out what you may/may not need for that JennAir or the costs. If the grill is all stainless "steel" (not still lol) that it seems going to some premium parts should yield you a pretty respectable grill for FAR less than a new Weber will cost you. These days the entry level into the Genesis line is close to $1000. Not a Weber fan any more. They lost me for a number of different reasons. 1. Their vaunted warranty. They did not stand behind my own Summit. When I had fire box rust issues I contacted them. Wanting to buy the part. "Oh wait you're under warranty yet" "We will have that right out to you" Next contact, "oh we're so sorry we no longer have that part or make it". Me "so how do you not support your own product that is under warranty?" Bottom line the best they (Weber) would do offer me a 10% discount on a new Genesis Big effin deal! 2. They have sold their souls to the devil (the Chinese made gods). The grills are cheaply made and EXPENSIVE. Frankly all they've done is cut quality dumped tons of people here out of jobs and raised their prices. I don't like to do business with pretenders. Bottom line I'll bet if you look up a guy on Ebay (RCPlanebuyer) he makes very high quality replacement parts for different grills at reasonable pieces. Arguably so good they'll be the last ones you will ever need to buy Good luck
  3. Why not look into the burners (and whatever other parts are in need) before making the judgement. IIRC those older models you have were all 304SS and pretty decent products. Bear in mind all the new Weber stuff is made in China and most likely no better than what you now have. IMO why drop the high coin Weber demands for Made in China when you likely have something as good or better for free?
  4. Basically it has become just another Chinese marketing company. Most of it is either all Made in China or the majority of the pieces are made there and the grill is "assembled?" here. The Weber name will carry on I am sure just like CharBroil, and Thermos and CharmGlow all formerly great American companies now just fronts for Chinese stuff
  5. The advantage you have at Sam's is basically a lifetime warranty. Sam's like Costco will refund your $$$$ if you're ever displeased with their product as long as you have the receipt. Frankly I can't see where any of these products are better/worse than another. They're all Chinese (read el-cheapo) stuff (even the Weber product for that matter). What you're paying for with the Weber product is NOT quality but support. On another note for your application you may want to look for a Weber Q3XX or Q3XXX. They are outstanding products built like little tanks, cook like a dream and can be found used many times for very reasonable pricing. They are very easy to maintain too. For a small space application I would not hesitate to go that route. Weber also makes an electric version of the Q series grill in 2 sizes that cook very well. Which if you're going to use in a condo type environment you may find to be more appropriate as more and more condo associations are outlawing any grill using "flame". Otherwise with all these Chinese built things it's a crap shoot.
  6. The ONLY way to avoid terrible service is to buy one of the premium brands (Weber, BroiMaster, etc.) KitchenAid grills are just as you described. Farmed out to a Chinese vendor. If you are a Sam's member I have looked at this https://www.samsclub.com/sams/6-burner-gas-grill/prod20650624.ip?xid=plp:product:1:1and it seems every bit as well done as most of the Chinese stuff (including Weber which is not totally a Chinese rebrand like everything else).
  7. Be mindful those cooking grids are really NOT stainless steel but wrapped. Meaning they are plain steel or iron internally. With a thin veneer of stainless outside. They have a tendency to literally explode. As the steel internally corrodes (and it will) eventually the covering splits. Sometimes slowly but many times with a "BANG". I'd be VERY careful dropping that kind of coin on those
  8. I use Windows Phone 10. I have also used Android Marshmallow of the 2 Windows is the FAR less pain. One Drive gives you a choice. You can either send/paste a link or the actual image or file. Just do a little homework
  9. I know there are little prepared packs of pellets you can buy for gas grills that are disposable. Me, I simply take a bunch of chips in foil poke a couple holes and I'm golden. I actually can smoke things like spare ribs and get a smoke ring
  10. You did. It saved you from buying a made in China Weber so it saved you $1000!
  11. I can say the new stuff coming from Weber IMO is a HUGE (or YUGE) LOL disappointment. Depending on the model either completely made in China or nearly 100%. Heck even the products they claim "Made in USA" are really not (like the VERY expensive Genesis II LX line) are really not. They are only assembled here with parts that were made in China. IMO Weber has fallen from grace in a big way. Even small details like spacing of the grate bars being so far apart that food can simply fall through. I would be looking more from the lineup at www.omcbbq.com or others. However recently on a shopping trip to Sam's I saw this https://www.samsclub.com/sams/6-burner-gas-grill/prod20650624.ip?xid=plp:product:1:5and my only real misgiving about it is it does not have a rear rotisserie burner so would not be a good choice if you're one that likes to "spin" their food. But from my observation in the store it is all stainless (I am sure not 304 or 316) but at least as good as anything on a Weber (at 3x the price). The grates are solid and well spaced too. Plus at only $499 and with the Sam's guarantee (keep the receipt and if ever dissatisfied they will refund your $$$ or replace the product) you cannot go wrong (especially at $499!). Heck if I really wanted a brand new grill right now I'd sure buy one. That being said the other option is to peruse listings (like Craigslist) in your area for used high quality equipment. It is how I found my Wolf grill. At the time I bought it the seller was asking $250. When I contacted her she asked if I could get it that day. I affirmed and she said $150. Other than some elbow grease I have not spent a dime on it (an love it). At the time I got it I researched the only Wolf dealer in the area (ABT Appliances) they were still selling it. $10,000.00 for the grill head alone (yes you read that right $10K) and another $3500.00 for the cart. It is solid 304SS even the frame is solid welded 304 square tube stock (and it is thick too). I could have scrapped it for a hefty profit. So anyway sometimes treasure like this pop up and they're worth checking out. Good luck!
  12. Nice the things you can have when you don't have to shovel snow or deal with brutal cold 6 or 7 months out of the year LOL
  13. I think 3/8 it is
  14. I don't know if the grill will sit level. You have to measure the length of the legs
  15. Understand the newer Weber products are not made nearly as well as the older ones. Be aware that charcoal (especially hardwood lump which is the only charcoal one should ever cook over) burns MUCH hotter than gas flames. Two things first. You will most likely void your warranty. Two, you can have enough heat to burn through or warp the fire box of your grill. Bottom line. If you feel the need to use charcoal get a separate charcoal grill made for that use