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  1. I was grilling a salmon filet at our beach house on my Ducane Affinity 3100 NG last night and I noticed the tool hook lying on the deck. Two of the three hooks on the bracket appear to have just snapped off. I called Ducane customer service this morning and a person answered promptly, took my information and asked me when I purchased the grill. I didn't remember precisely since I first bought an LP model and then traded it while new with a guy for his new NG model. That didn't appear to be an issue and the woman asked me if I needed any other parts. I told her the flame tamers were very rusty so she said she would send a set of those too. I figured good, that should put the grill in really good shape.
  2. Good info. here. I the 3100 in NG at our beach house in NJ. It sits on the deck covered most of time and I have had it there for just about two full years. The flame tamers look a bit better then yours...but not much. I knew they would be the weak point and they are. After seeing what you described as the box rusting because pf the flame tamers rusting, I am replacing mine with the stainless ones I bought a few months back. I found them for a reasonable price on the internet. Everything else has held up well.
  3. Mike described my identical method. I buy the Costco or BJs brand PAM or a smaller one at Trader Joes and leave it out in my grilling storage cabinet. Good call on turning the burners off Mike...I'll have to try that and maybe keep a pair of eyebrows and the moustache for awhile.
  4. These guys have pretty much nailed it. If the burners are not stuck/rusted in place by the screws that hold them in, you could try taking them out and wire brushing them and blowing compressed air into the holes. After scraping the grill box and flame tamers down, power washing on a sunny day works too. Hard to tell what's going on under all that built up crud and what you may have to replace.
  5. "Handheld v-groovers"...perfect description. I have at least three of those things and this one with little ceramic wheels from IKEA. They all make them sharper, but I have to agree with you Mike. No matter how much time I take doing it, I cannot get them to how they were when new. Oh, and I hate to admit it, but I tried one or two of these new fangled ceramic knives and they are throwawys as far as I'm concerned. I get the best results from the handheld two stage models and the "v-groovers". Mike, I don't know if all the ShopRites offer that service or if it's just a friendly ploy to keep you coming back...not that I need that because ShopRite does a pretty good job as a supermarket in my book.
  6. We have a set of Chicago Cutlery that are almost 30 years old...with Walnut handles. They are good. I have some others too. About 12-16 years ago I bought a Chef's Choice diamond hone electric sharpener. It has two slots with electric vibrating diamond coated ceramic stones. It does get the knives sharp but it's a pain in the ass to use and takes forever. I get equally good results from the smaller manual sharpeners. I bought one from Newegg for $10 that works better.Rosewill Knife Sharpener. I also have one that is similar from Harbor Freight Tools that I use at our beach house. It works just fine. The Shop Rite up the road claims they will sharpen you knives back in the meat/butcher department if you simply ask them. I would stay away from the electric ones, overpriced and questionnable results. The smaller, hand held, two stage ones seem to work quite well for under $20. Hell, the Harbor Freight one is $2.00 now:Ceramic Knife Sharpener HFTand it works great from my experience...not two stage but uses ceramic bars to hone the edges. You might want to check the Santoku as I read they have a different sharpening angle then other knives. Harbor Freight also has a 4 sided diamond hone block that looks like it could do a good job.
  7. Mike, I have never been to one but have read about them on the Keg forum I belong too. Vindii might have some knowledge too. My understanding is that they are like the Costco of restaurant supply. You need to belong or own a business to join or something like that. They sell everything for the food service industry and commercial kitchens. I know this because some of the guys buy lump charcoal for their kamados from RD. Could be worth checking out. This post of yours piqued my curiosity so I Googled them and found this under the Membership tab: "*Restaurant Depot is wholesale only. To qualify for a free membership account, on your first visit you need to show a valid reseller's permit (business license) or tax-exempt certificate (for a non-profit organization) and show proof that you are authorized to purchase for said business or organization." You could probably qualify with your business! Hell, you own your own business and you have to eat...that should work!
  8. Outstanding...the rellenos, the scenery and the deck finish!!
  9. Hey Mike, As far as I'm concerned as it relates this forum...it's a technicality but it is a valid one. I'm not a "if it's not made in America, I don't want it" type of guy( I am very pleased with my Chinese made Kirkland Oven model). In fact, I say let the free market do it's thing. But to have a judge(even one in California ) certify a class, it has to pass several tests for validity and this suit has thus far as it is in the settlement phase.
  10. Yeah, good luck with that. Trademark infringement is never class action, deceptive marketing practices are. You can love Weber to death, I don't care. The facts are they lied about where the product was manufactured and they knew it and they got caught and now they pay. You can love your Weber and love their customer service but it does not excuse the fact that they 1.Lied about their product being 100% American made 2. Took their eye off the ball of quality control for something as important as a gas valve. The results could have been serious product liability litigation, not a silly ass class action. If you bought a Smith&Wesson revolver because you wanted an American made revolver, the box was stamped "Made in America" and S&W never gave any indication that their product(s) were nothing but "Made in America". Then, after purchasing it learned it was made in Brazil by Taurus for Smith&Wesson would you not think S&W engaged in deceptive marketing despite the fact the revolver was an excellent gun in all other respects? Or from another perspective. If you bought a Festool angle grinder and/or jigsaw because you really wanted what you believed to be a quality, German made power tool and it said "Made in Germany" on the box but was in fact made in Czech...or even China would you not feel deceived? Additionally, a strong argument could be made that as it relates to this great forum that the Weber section should be removed from "Grills and Smokers Manufactured In North America" because for many years they were not...and placed in the "Grills and Smokers Manufactured oustide of North America" because that's where your precious "Made in America" Webers were made...outside of North America. I am no fan of frivilous lawsuits and indeed I own a Weber Genesis and a newer Ducane as well as the One-Touch, but to defend a company simply because you own and like one of their products is assinine. Wrong is wrong.
  11. A gallon of gas.
  12. Just finished filing my claim for my little One-Touch that I bought back in Spring 2008. Which is headed for Craig's List now that I have the Char-Griller Kamado Kooker/Akorn.
  13. I accept PayPal
  14. Paulaner is both a brewery and has successfully capitalized on the brewpub concept... no easy feat in Germany as they are extremely popular among Germans who, for the most part, have broad access to a huge variety of smaller, localized restaurants and kitchens. I have been to several mostly in the Wiesbaden and Frankfurt area. The food is excellent and every time I have been to the one in Wiesbaden for dinner, it is generally packed especially near Christmas. They have expanded to other countries and I believe they have one or two in the US. It's a hard combination to beat. Good German food and beer at reasonable prices.
  15. Perhaps had they been honest about it in the beginning and not tried to parade themselves as a truly American company, the lawsuit would never have been filed. If it's made in China, or made in Mexico, that does not necessarily mean it's an inferior product, but it speaks to the use of foreign labor vs American...obviously. Not stating that fact is nothing short of deceptive and actually could violate Federal laws. Weber as a corporation should and did know better. The deception was clearly an attempt to perpetuate the image of a completely American made product line when it wasn't.