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  1. And all the dogs in the neighborhood are mourning...
  2. I agree with you on that. Actually, living in NC and just a few miles from one of the acknowleded best bbq places in the state, it's now a tossup whether to even smoke Boston Butt or go to Allen & Sons and pick up a finished pound for $8. Could be worse Don. I used to brew beer -- 15 gallons at a time. My job became more intensive and instead of brewing regularly, I could only occasionally find time. Before I quit, I had poured 4 complete batches down the hillside because of DIFFERENT mistakes I made which produced pure swill. Just can't stay consistent when you only do it for a snatched day now and then... Not exactly the same situation, but I do know how you feel about throwing your results in the trash. But I will wait to see if someone else has some good ideas. At least SOMETHING good came of this... <wince -- too soon?>
  3. ouch! Maybe some just like the fat? Do you think more time on the first pass? I would think it would start getting pretty chewy, though.
  4. Looking forward to it, Don.
  5. Nice! Thanks for the explanation. Hope you can give us some pics -- sounds very interesting. I bet you need a bid drip pan!
  6. What a frickin' image, hood!
  7. Pardon MY ignorance, but are you making bacon or pork belly? I've done bacon a couple of times with pretty fair success but still feel I can do better. I asked my question because you didn't mention curing.
  8. Yeah! For me, bbq with rice and gravy means grilled shrimp, ham, chicken and andouille with a custom cajun sauce -- otherwise known as Jambalaya!
  9. Maybe related to this, Lowe's is offering $100 off on any Genesis.
  10. I probably agree. Add a raised grate and cook all the pizza you want for less than $10 -- and get extra grilling space. (Works on a Q too.)
  11. Good luck! Six year (plus all the time before it has been discussed) and I still don't see an answer.
  12. Sorry, peakay, but I suspect that any used side cabinets will be real hard to come by. I hadn't realized that Weber discontinued them. Definitely a big plus on a Genny -- I would search Craigslist, eBay, etc. as far as you are willing to travel to pickup. Good luck! And, yes, the loose parts like grates and flametamers will rattle a bit -- but I think that's easy to tell in contrast to moving frame or panels. It sounds like you got a good assembler. Congrats on all! OBTW, I did find moving the tank outside to be helpful, but you're right -- it's not an attractive mod. You really wanna have that extra space to make it worth while. Even after getting my side cabinets, I wanted more room. My grill is on my deck an it don't like spare parts, etc. hanging around. So, having the skills and the shop, I built myself a hutch (separate upper and lower cabinet) for all the loose stuff like my grill tools, gloves, extra grates, thermometers, and on and on. I don't have to duck into the kitchen to get a basting brush for example. Of course I had the benefit of enjoying the making and finishing and pride of showing off! But do think outside the grill, if possible. Since my grill is now under cover, that helps too, though I planned the cabinets to be exposed to the elements.
  13. Nice story, good ending! I totally get that you might want a new grill, but the red top sure does look good! Abeach2bum, your experiences should be a caution to all. I have seen Weber's on display in Lowe's that were not properlay (or well) assembled. In a way, peakay was lucky, but it also probably helps that this Genesis is almost completely assembled modules right out of the box. Very little to put together and it's quite easy. Peakay, if you haven't done it, get the appropriate wrenches (not the packaged ones) and check that all the bolts/nuts were tightened properly. You should be able to grab hood handle, shake hard and get no looseness or rattling. Even on my 3 year old with added side cabinets that is true.
  14. Another successful serive story -- more complicated, but successful -- so far...
  15. All good to know, thanks for sonypc100 for the update and to you guys about the new Webers coming with SS. I may try to hit Weber up for a replacement as mine are inferior.