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  1. Yes sir , thats a pop up , was doing a test with the uds and the chicken , a steady 240-250F fer 5 hrs and she popped .
  2. Heres whats on the menu for today , a whole chicken , asparagus in garlic n butter , portabella mushrooms with brocolli in a butter n garlic sauce with rotinis
  3. Sox might not be on fire , but the celtics are a blazen ,
  4. I decided to do a stuffed pork loin on the ol UDS , I made a seasoned cream cheese filling with baby shrimp . It came out excellent , nice flavour and tenderness and moist . Below is a couple pics of it . Had slaw n tater salad as sides
  5. Hey Tubby , love the bacon , never can have to much . Although my colesterol is probably through the roof . I,m working on a new bacon dish as I type this . Will post with what I come up with this weekend weather permitting , spose to rain all weekend here . Til then Happy Qing. Jeff
  6. I did not come up with the name , someone else did . The recipe is a very simple one to do . Marinate the chicken tenders in italian dressing . Slice a small pocket in the chicken and put some Jimmy dean sausage in pocket . Wrap a piece of ham around chicken , then wrap that with 2 slices bacon in form of a barber pole each on wraps in opposite direction ( top to bottom , then (bottom to top) . Slather your favorite bbq sauce on top , and throw on grill . Below is a pic of them on grill .
  7. Heres the final results of todays cook . Below is a preview .
  8. This is my first attempt at a Boston Butt , the pic below is it at about 4 hrs into cook , I also made some bbq beans , I took 3 cans of bushes grillin beans , 1 TBLS. of rub , 1/4 cup sticky fingers sauce , 4 slices grilled bacon sliced up , 1/2 jar of delmote peaches cubed , added all ingredients in a pot , put on smoker at 225 , til hot n tender . Just took butt off the smoker internal was 200 F , wrapped to rest for 1 hr , will post pic when it its restedd , and pulled . Below is a pic at 4 hrs into cook , and the beans .
  9. hey vwpower , not beef , I used fresh ground pork , I made one at wprk thursday for the boys . I used jimmy dean sausage , that was some good eatn . Not a thing left over , they all wanted more .
  10. These I do not hunt but breeze is trained to , I take her to the field every now n then so she can do her birdin , Misty just likes to stalk the birds , then try and catch them , she did catch a grouse one time . Plus the BOSS , aka wife dont want me to hunt with them . Hmm , and I thought I wore the pants in the house , plus I did get them for her . Next one is mine and it will be for hunting . These are the best breed of dogs I have ever owned . Nice looking pups you got tubby . Jeff
  11. These are my two lil girls Breeze and misty . When ever I cook , inside the house or on the grill , they are at my feet . Breeze is first pic and misty is second pic .
  12. Heres the finnished bacon bomb
  13. I forgot to add the pork ribs I threw on also , here they are .
  14. Hey Jim: I havent put the door on yet , wanted to make sure she kept steady temps , which she does . Me and another welder at work are in process of designing a door system for it . Once we have it done I will place pics on my build thread , probably about 2 weeks it will be done. I put a 3/4 basket full of kingsford briqets unlit in ,then 1 chimmney full of lit coals on top of that , spread them around and she ran all day 9 hrs plus . I had to cut my exhaust down to 9" it was almost 15" tall, she was chuggn , now she runs smooth and holds temps steady as a rock .
  15. This is a couple pics of the brisk. I cooked sat . Cokked it til it hit internal temp of 160 . Wrapped in foil and cooked til it was 190 internal temp . Let rest wrapped in a towel for 90 minutes .