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  1. I have a one touch gold and was cleaning it today and noticed that one of the cleaning blades has lifted. I tried to see if there was a way that I could take it apart to bend the blade back so it sits flat on the kettle bottom. obviously this will have an affect on cleaning and temp control. I bought the kettle as a floor model so it was already put together. Does anyone know if this can be taken apart and fixed I would hate for the answer to be to purchase a new kettle bottom?
  2. Did you Brine the butterball?
  3. yeah if I did that she would stop being understanding
  4. At the beginning of the spring I purchased a 22in One touch gold new , then I bought a Gas Go anywhere, in Mid summer I found a 2007 performer with a grill cover for $100 with the condition(to my wife) that I would sell the one touch. I never did. So here is my thing, I am thinking of listing the Performer on CL for like $275. The reason is, I want to trick my one touch out with the smokenator, then I was thinking of purchasing a Weber gas grill. Maybe something like this http://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/for/1878230754.html I figure this would give me a decent Gas and charcoal grill for all occations. This is a tough decision because I really like the performer but I think I can get the most bamg for my buck by selling it. for those who are not familiar the smokenator is a device that turns your kettle into a smoker. I tried to list the the One touch but then I would only have a single performer grill, I like the portablilty of the one touch and they they both cook the same. So my thinking is sell the performer, get the smokenator and a gas grill with the money. Also, after one camping trip with the go anywhere gas I sold it on CL for $30, exactly what I purchased it for in May. I plan on getting a used Smokey Joe. Thanks BBQ pros. Signed, Indecisive P.S. I have a very understanding wife.
  5. OK, I took the plunge and modded my kettle the other day. I bought the same exect stuff as Uncle Bob here, however I noticed that the temp of the mounted thermometer is about 50 degrees greater than a thermometer on grill. Has anyone else seen this? I was having a heck of time getting it right then when I subtracted 50 degrees my food started cooking as normal.
  6. Good idea, thanks for the tip