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  1. WHOOOO HOOOOO! Yooper is in. I cant wait to hear what you think first hand of the Napoleon grills.
  2. underthehood, very good points!
  3. Jim, I figured it was an aftermarket thing, not direct from weber. But was thinking it was a drop in like just drop in place of the side burner, not an actual island style drop in burner. If I could find one that would retrofit into where a weber side burner went that would be perfect. Otherwise I will probably have to go with a Napoleon.
  4. Glad this got asked!! These are also my two choices in grills. I hope that Yooper chimes in here, as I know he was waiting for his new shipment of napoleon grills to arrive, but that was a couple weeks ago. He also sell's weber products, so will be a nice side by side comparison! Lets hope he chimes in here! Napoleon has the slight edge for me, due to the IR burners, and I think it just overall looks nicer. Tubby, can you link me to the drop in IR side burners for the weber. I have been looking, and couldnt find anything.
  5. oh my god that looks amazing. Man I love this forum
  6. oh man, that looks awesome!
  7. oh man! Those ribs look AMAZING! Awesome job.
  8. Just curious how the mirage series of grills are holding up? Looking at these along with weber.
  9. Looks really nice!!
  10. Yes. As they dont have a factory replacement part, just "substitutes". And, i would rather have one the entire length of the grill, instead of the tent style ones.
  11. its all chipping off and rusting. I want to strip it all, so i can season them like you would an old cast iron skillet. Right now, with the chips, it doesnt allow me to get all of the rust off the grates.
  12. I forgot to get pictures but they did like everyone here said they would. Melted as soon as the grill hit 600. Well, didnt melt but softened and warped. onto the stainless. I found a guy to cut me a custom one for around 50.00. Now, thats not bad at all!!
  13. Im not too sure of chemical supply houses around here that would have that acid. I will have to look.
  14. Here is what we got: New York strip. grilled mushrooms tossed in olive oil and garlic, and garlic fries. Couple that with a nice Oatmeal Stout, and I was in heaven!!!
  15. And maybe not. I cant order it, as I have to have it shipped to a comercial address, and the hazmat fee is going to be more then the acid. LOL. At that point, its just as cheap to buy new grates. Oh well, was worth a shot.