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  1. Man this topic is getting real depressing. Stocks falling, temperatures falling. What's next? At least for the short term it's beautiful here in SW Michigan with a forecast of 80's for the weekend. I guess I have to enjoy it while I can because I know it's only a matter of time. I sometimes really envy you guys in the south but, hey this is home and the summers here are great. It's really the December through April that gets tough to handle. I don't know if I'll turn to a "snow bird" and head south after retirement but it's getting more and more temping. Happy grilling. BillB
  2. Good point. I was referring to fresh, uncooked sausage. If it's already cooked, you're really just heating and, as you said, adding grill marks for looks. I don't think I've ever done cold pre-smoked but uncooked.
  3. physeek, I would think cutting the casing will let some of the juice (fat) cook out of the sausage. I usually just cook them pretty slow to avoid flareups from any grease coming through the casing or from the ends. But then I've never smoked them either. But I do love the peppers and onions on the Italian bread with the sausage. Let use know if you do cut them first and what the results are. BillB
  4. Must be gettin' older but I used to be out there almost every night here in SW Michigan. Now I pretty much stop when it gets to freezing and the deck gets covered with snow. There are some exceptions but not many any more. And since my griling area is not covered, heavy rain and really windy cuts back some too. My neighbor's getting some remodeling and he's covering his outdoor grill and putting in some IR heat. I'm not at that point nor that rich either. BillB
  5. Yep. Sorry. I guess I got ahead of myself. I was planning to grill some salmon shortly and it started pouring down rain so I lost my concentration due to the disappointment. So welcome E.T. and great job. BillB
  6. I want one that, when it's done, serves the food, cleans the smoker, and does the dishes. Cooking from the keyboard sounds different. But when I cook, I like to have a brew or two. I'd probably spill one on my keyboard and burn the meal.
  7. Those are some great looking ribs Huck. I'm with Mike though. I can never find them that meaty around here. That's why I don't try beef ribs. But that meaty and at that price; great deal . Not to mention the great technique and fantastic results. BillB
  8. Hey Brad. Let me add both my welcome and congratulations on a nice job on the smoker. Be sure and post some pictures of whatever you're smoking too. BillB
  9. Boy Bill. That really looks great. But you had to post that just when I get my HDL/LDL numbers. Looks like I'm going to be doing mostly boneless skinless when I do chicken now. BillB
  10. Never heard of the WD40. Sometimes just warm soapy water will get a lot off. then a stainless steel cleaner and polish to really brighten it up. I found that sometimes the SS cleaners don't really do as good a job at cleaning. That's why I use the soapy water first. But you're absolutely right. BKF is the greatest. I had a really bad smoke stain right after I got my grill and, while it took some scrubbing, BKF did the job. And of course it was recommended by the great folks on this forum. Bill
  11. I too agree that it is comforting to know there's still good service available. I probably don't have my original receipt however so I hope I never need it
  12. It's been a while but I'm glad I came back just in time to add my congrats and wish you a very happy birthday too Don. And keep up the great work here too. Bill
  13. I too have an ignition problem. I've replaced the batteries several times but get no "clicking" sound on any of my burners. Anyone have an idea what the cause may be and how to fix it? Thanks in advance. BillB
  14. Let me add my congratulations Takeahike. Glad to have you in that position. BillB
  15. Some coincidence. I have a cousin who lives in WR and his son and daughter graduated from Northside. The boy was a student manager for the team when he was there which was great because he's challenged in a wheelchar with cerbal palsey but loves his football. BillB