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  1. At least wisdom is in my realm. But I'm not going to tit-tat with you Triangle. Life is too short. Have a good day.
  2. I've been away too long too. I see everyone here feels about the same as this thread started on another site: http://tvwbb.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/3780069052/m/4531055336 Weber has been very good to me and my WSM and my Spirit gas grill. Just another way for lawyers to get rich at the expense of a fine American company. Well this is an edit. I went away for a while but Triangle's comment stayed with me. To be nice, all I can do is quote Rush Limbaugh from today: "Where is it written that all of a sudden, if you want something and don't have the money for it, somebody else has to pay for it." I still have Faith in this Country and think the next election will tell all in a landslide. Here's Hoping Triangle's parents will still be able to support him and his view.
  3. Hello Friends, Nothing like some good football to get the Grilling blood going! I used the Canola spray oil as suggested on my new SS grates with Great results. Here are the pic's with the descriptions: The new SS FB's and SS Grates: After a few cooks and cleaned with a SS brush and reading the Great info supplied here: The Grill sprayed on the right with Canola oil with boneless ribs (which are really just sliced thick pork chops). The Diablo bacon wrapped chick kabobs are high $$ and the wife (aka pork puller) insisted I use foil to catch the juice. (I won't even go there): The 1st flip after waiting for the release (did it low and slow though) Great flip with no prob. on the SS Grates: Not catching the same black grill marks as with the PCCI grills but good none the less. Boneless ribs off and done. Time for some Anddoulle Sausage!: The Mighty Weber at work: The finished product: Thanks to all for the help here and I can only imagine what you folks with the Big Rigs can do! God Bless our Troops and God Bless America
  4. Thanks for both the replies Guys. I had been using olive oil. I will try the bacon grease and canola oil. Will also wait longer for the release. Thanks again! They may be porcelain coated CI. Need to take a closer look.
  5. I recently upgraded to SS FB's and Grates on the Weber Spirit S-320. The FB's are Great! I'm having trouble getting the same good flavor from meats that I had with the cast iron grates. The CI grates seem to season like a good CI frying pan. The SS grates even at high temps and especially at lower temps and indirect seem to make the meat stick and tear. I sprayed the grates with a cooking oil before I used them the first time and have always applied oil to the steaks, burgers, boudin or whatever before placing on the hot grate surface. Anyone have an idea of what I may be doing wrong? The good flavor in a steak and other meats is just not there as much although still good. Any and all input appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Guy's, My Dad always said "It's the section between the rod handle and the boat seat that count". I bought a Spirit S-320 a little over 2 years ago at a great price in a box. Took it home and assembled it. After many years of assembling everything from a strawberry shortcake baby buggy at Christmas to big home entertainment centers and several grills over the years, I found the Weber instructions more understandable and detailed than anything I've encountered. The parts fit very close to tolerance and the illustrations were more than adequate. Easy build for a Weber layman. I've also had to call Weber support (about FB's, not parts) and found them to be the best I've seen. After going through 6 lesser grills in the last 10 years, Nothing but Weber for me from here on out. I would also like to add that since I've been a member of this fine forum, yooper and many others here have mentored unselfishly in pursuit of Customer Satisfaction with a Weber grill. These folks care. To the original poster: Feel fortunate you found this place and you might want to change the name of your post to Thank You for the support. Just my .02 Best regards to All.
  7. Welcome to the forum. It does not get easier than this. See video: http://www.weber.com/grillout/recipes/pork/foil-wrapped-baby-back-ribs Good Luck.
  8. Here's a good way to do them by Weber. Should work for full racks too. http://www.weber.com/grillout/recipes/pork/foil-wrapped-baby-back-ribs Good Luck
  9. Thanks All for the replies. Vindii, The FB's were starting to show signs of rust even with a burn off before and after cooking. This was my second set in a little over 2 years (Weber replaced the 1st set). The original grates are still OK and are cleaned and oiled and put up for spares. The burners show signs of corrosion but still produce a blue flame. I've used this grill about 3 times a week since I've had it. Thanks!
  10. Sounds good improv. My plan is to go high heat before any food placed on the grill and "oil/coat" the meat before the first run. Thanks!
  11. When you buy a quality grill for the $$$'s, expect quality. I would call them again and send the pic's. Maybe this time they will pull and inspect it before sending it to you. Just my .02. Good Luck.
  12. Just added Weber SS grates and FB's. Not sure if I should grill or just look at it Does anyone know if SS should be seasoned before cooking on it? Or can it be seasoned? I do plan on bringing it up to approx. 600* before putting food on it. Here are a couple of pic's: Thanks for viewing.
  13. Try the Weber recipe for smoked meatloaf!
  14. Amen to the watts thang Jim but only 100?
  15. I agree with all of the above unless you live in a coastal area with a salty breeze. Just my .02