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  1. Thanks guys. Sorry about the photos... Most of the forums I go on seem to do this for you but Ill try to remember. Ill try out the lump on the next purchase if you all say its that much better!
  2. Yes, I have been using NG for most of my life, and got a kettle last year on sale. Wasn't in a big hurry to use it, but fired it up last week. Wow. So simple and so awesome...
  3. Well... So I got this 22.5" Weber Kettle nearly a year ago from Target. End of summer clearance, $24.95. I have a gas smoker, the Jenn-Air, and a Smokey Joe. Didn't think I would use this as I turned out some great food on the other units. Well, I finally fired it up about a week ago and I am really impressed. I remember my father using one when I was a kid but when he built his house he installed a nice outdoor kitchen with some high end gear and I never thought much about it. Well, a buddy of mine had also purchased one and kept telling me if anything I had to do drumsticks on it. Having accessorized it with charcoal baskets, hinged grate, charcoal storage bin, tool holder.... blah blah blah. Well, I had to try it. So far Ive made drumsticks twice, once for company, some carne asada and chicken, and tonight the best tri-tip. The chicken I filled one charcoal basket and cooked indirectly for about an hour both times. Added some hickory at the beginning and man, it was tasty. Carne was fantastic as well with the sear just over the coals. but the tri tip.... Well, filled both baskets and gave it a quick sear for maybe two minutes per side. Cooked it indirectly until I got about 130 degrees in the think part of the meat. Just fantastic. Now I am thinking I might need to really get to replacing my burners on the Jenn Air. After leaving it on for three days at full blast the burners warped a bit and the gap that connects the flame to both sides warped making a hot spot. Anyhow, thought I would share...
  4. epic. I bet your too busy to post till its over. Good luck.
  5. Thats about what a Tri Tip should look like. Im hungry!!!!
  6. Well if you had a photo I could say for sure... But I have a lot of experience with these. My father had one for about 15 years now and it has done well. it is not SS on the bottom, so we are looking for a replacement now. About 5 years back I was given a fully stainless one that I passed on to a friend who is very mechanical and made it better then new for the most part. Now I am trying to get him to sell it to my dad lol. (My dad has a cinder block and brick outdoor kitchen that does NOT lend well to installing a different size grill. We found a rep lament on a stand for $300 a couple hours away we will pick up this week and after some cleaning, install it. They get very hot, are built great, and will last a very long time for the all-SS models...
  7. My Jenn Air was not heating well, I took the burners out and cleaned them in acid and its back to great. The burners did warp.......
  8. Well I thought I had discovered something with that thermometer you have but apparently you had it first. Its awesome. Of course right after I got it I found out there is a newer model... How do you like it?
  9. Propane? Is your regulator good? (as if you know)... Thats what I can say...
  10. Yeah, I did it a while back and it was good... My wife prepared it and I didn't take notes, but YES!
  11. That sounds like a load....
  12. If you boil ribs, the terrorists win.
  13. Yeah Vindii pretty much nailed it. When I make them at home on the NG smoker, its no effort at all really. The unit holds 225 solid as a rock so all I have to do is feed it wood once or twice until the pork is around 140 then I just wait. It really is technically an oven so now just wait... The charcoal unit is way more involved as I have to adjust the airflow and occasionally add a few coals which means there is no way I can go to sleep...
  14. Nexgrill. 1-866-601-5799