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  1. The pond scum sucking low life lawyers are charging $995,000.00 in legal fees. I hope people dont respond and let them eat their losses. I have had nothing but excellent support from Weber. When I had a broken part the grill had not been registered and I had the receipt. The girl in CSregistered the grill and said the warranty would start from the day I called and the grill was 3 years old. She sent me a new part for free. When my gas POS grill from Home Depot died last summer . I bought a gas Weber and even thought i was skeptical of all the claims of how great it cooks. You guys were right. I love it. I think if the plantaint looses their attorneys should have to pay all of Weber's legals fees for fighting this lawsuit.
  2. I went to HD today and they Genesis E310 is 499.00 . The gal would not accept the Lowes 10% off coupon. So I came home and printed out the HD 10% off moving coupon and plan on going back to the store today and find someone in CS that I know and ask him to ring it up. It says not valid on Weber. Does any one know Weber makes them do that? I did get free deliver and assembly but the grill wont be her until Wednesday. So I have a gas Weber to go with my Charcoal Performer.
  3. Did Lowes take the coupon mine says its not valid on Weber. †Coupon is not redeemable for cash, is nontransferable and cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon or discount. Void if copied, transferred, or sold through any on-line auctions. Limit one coupon per household. Good for a single purchase of any in-stock or Special Order merchandise only up to $5,000 (Maximum discount $500). Not valid on previous sales, service or installation fees, the purchase of gift cards, or any products by Fisher & Paykel, Electrolux, John Deere or Weber. Your coupon is uniquely coded, so it can be used only once at any Lowe's® store.
  4. He called me back said the guy that was to buy it for 180 didnt show up. Wanted to know if I wanted it. I am going to have a look at it and see if he did put new parts. If not Ill see how much he will take for it and make him an offer. Thanks for all the feedback.
  5. Thanks for the feedback, yes they were great. I have a question, what is a used WEBER GENESIS SILVER B GAS GRILL worth. It has new flavorizer bars and ss cooking grid. he is asking 180.00 is that a good price. here are a couple of pics thanks for any feedback
  6. I purchased a Weber Performer from a local ACE 3 years ago. They have since closed. The wire into the igniter came out of the ceramic holder. This happend in June. I saw all the post about the customer service from Weber- how great they are . To be honest I was a bit skeptical. I called expecting to pay for a new part. The lady whos name is Cathy was as nice as she could be. She registered my grill. They dont put a s/n on charcoal grills so I needed to look on my manual which I had. She said she would be sending me a replacement kit via fedx. I would receive it in 7 days if I did not to call them back. If I had any questions on how to install it to call them. I was blown away, she didnt say it was out of warranty or ask me what happened to the wire. She just sent a new replacement. I am happy to say they went way beyond my expectations. My old gas grill gave it up and I have had a problem with investing 700 or 800 bucks in a new grill the same quality of the one i paid 400 for 6 years ago at Home Depot My experience with Charm Glow and my old grill which had a 10 year warranty on the cast iron burners. No I dont have the receipt, I have the manual but CG will not help me at all. They want almost 200 buck to replace the burners and the laval rock holders. I have called them twice and was totally dissappointed. HD is no help as usual. No more CG or Home Depot for me for a grill even a Weber. The local Ace is out of business but I wont be going back to HD for another grill. Is Lowes any better than HD or the same as far as returns?
  7. I am curious what models Weber have east - west burners? Is the Spirit and lower priced units? One thing about manufacturing and I know a wee bit about it. The sooner you pay for the cost of r/d and specs and molds for the parts then you profit margin should increase significantly (do you outsource it vs in house or domestics vs china). So the manufacturer Weber makes same part with less quality SS for the lower end models vs better for the higher. If a compamy make 6 different grills and they all have different parts the cost goes up. If I use the same parts in 3 of the 6 ,cost goes down. Well you get the gist. I am betting you wont see a price decrease but an increase. Maybe a few more bells and whistles but Weber is doing this increase the market share and profit. I hope someone has a fire sale so I can get a Summit at a great deal. I see a 10 to 20% price increase in the new models or a decrease in quality and price remains the same.
  8. I was not a fan of Mixon in any of the shows he has been on. He called it right , the gal should have won she had pulled pork the others had BBQ slices. He is not a eastern nc pork guy. He is from south GA and they like to a little meat with their ketchup . I have tried a dozen places in south ga and 80% dont know what slaw on a sandwich is. If you request they hold the sauce you will have a bun with BBQ sauce. Give me Chris Lilly any day over mixon - Warren Sapp- what makes him a qualified as a judge? Kingsford should keep to making charcoal.
  9. I have been trying to locate pictures of the various weber grills. I was hoping someone can point me to a site that has the external pic of the grill. I tired the weber site but I cant locate just the picture and the model. For instance how about a weber silver 2003 model. I know I might be looking for something that doesnt exist because of all the models and years they have made gas grills.
  10. SEE ABOVE......
  11. Instead of starting a new thread I thought I would see if anyone has after 5 months any comments on the members marks or costco grill. Costco has almost the almost same grill for 499.99 . Below is the pdf of each grill. What i found STRANGE was when you look at the PDF manual for both grills you will see the Members Mark has 5 years on the burners and 3 on the stainless steel. Costco has 5 years on the Burner and ONE on the stainless steel. The reviews on both Sams and Costco are not good. Just curious as to anyone who owns either grill thoughts. http://www.shopnexgrill.com/includes/pdf/720-0691A.pdf sam club members mark http://www.costco.com/images/content/misc/pdf/519487.pdf costco grill
  12. I did a search of the site and was surprised no one has mentioned Dreamland BBQ in Tuscaloosa Al. So I went online to find a link to the site and found several articles but I had never read this article by a shrink name is Dr. H. Miller. I included a link with a couple of personal editorial comments. No I cant write and this post will prove it. I am trying to find the actual ingredients of Dreamlands BBQ sauce. My wife has a recent acquired a condition that does not allow her to have any preservatives found in processed food and sauce. I have been trying to duplicate the recipe at home so she can enjoy the same taste as before. Dreamland sauce is our preference of tomato based bbq sauce we serve it with dry or wet ribs. I prefer to taste the meat and smoke flavor of the food. How many restaurants have the meat hidden in a secret sauce - and they try to call is BBQ. So if anyone knows the so called surprise ingredient that Dr. Miller alludes to in this article please share it. The article is over 3 years old and he said he looked in Dreamland's trash and viewed a box with what he says is secret ingredient. I tried the recipe which is floating around on the internet and its does not taste like Dreamland. My thoughts on Dreamland http://www.dreamlandbbq.com/default.aspx?id=26&cid=1 The original Dreamland ribs from Tuscaloosa Al. are Excellent. I have eaten at all of the franchise locations and sent the online ribs to customers. The sauce makes Dreamland what it is and you can get a ok slab or a good slab depending on the restaurant and who is minding the pit. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/247955/tuscaloosas_original_dreamland_bbq.html?cat=22 Miller. Dr. Miller actually does a good job from the historical perspective of Dreamland . He is a transplanted Yankee from Cleveland to T town. He does a great job in telling the history. Enjoy TUSCALOOSA ORIGINAL DREAMLAND BBQ In 1958, "Big Daddy" John Bishop decided to sell some ribs. He didn't know much about the restaurant business, but he knew a whole lot about cooking ribs. And so he did. Nestled in the middle of an exclusively African-American neighborhood, but near a major shopping center in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, a non-prepossessing old house was converted into a BBQ rib haven. Big Daddy packed up his wife, kids, and secret recipe, constructed a fire pit, laid in a stock of hickory, and started barbecuing. At that time, Tuscaloosa, the capitol of the Old Confederacy(INCORRECT Montgomery AL. was)], was well stocked with very good rib restaurants. I moved to the town in 1967 and my culture shock was attenuated by my discovery of rib heaven. Since childhood, I had been a very serious fan of BBQ ribs. Having spent most of my early life in Cleveland, Ohio, my exposure to good BBQ was narrow, but my enthusiasm was, nevertheless, great. Tuscaloosa presented numerous superb BBQ restaurants, three of which were so superior to any I had ever encountered that I knew I was home. Two of these were small, almost exclusively African-American, neighborhood places; the third was near the university, predominantly white and, also, a small neighborhood restaurant. Two of the restaurants were converted old houses and one was a converted old garage. Over the years, two of these fell away with the passing of their founders and chefs; one, Dreamland, rolled on and slipped into national fame, not entirely because of the quality of their ribs. Don't misunderstand; the quality of the product is good enough to have generated several internet sites purporting to have "nearly reproduced" the BBQ sauce. They're not close. Personally, I spent 30 years trying before I learned a major part of their secret (by seeing their trash). I can come fairly close, and I'm not telling, but theirs is still better, anyway. It is important to note that I am talking about the original Dreamland, not the four branches or the innumerable franchised restaurants. There is a major difference and the history of Dreamland is an important part of understanding this difference. The "original" is as unchanged as any such establishment I have ever seen. It retains all of the flavor it had when I first encountered it over forty years ago -- and some of the same people. Big Daddy is gone, but his family and friends carry on without missing a beat. So how did this small shack surrounding a fire pit become the center of a franchise and famous enough to command feature stories in the New York Times? Strangely enough, a substantial part of the answer to this is the fact that the original restaurant was as naive and unsophisticated as a kid's lemonade stand. Big Daddy, as I mentioned earlier, wanted to cook and sell ribs. That meant that he would sell ribs, supply white bread, and allow a limited number of beverages (including beer) and bags of potato chips to be the only options aside from how many ribs you wanted. If you wanted a hamburger, you could go down the street to the MacDonald's that opened there. If you wanted chicken, or even BBQ pork, you could find it elsewhere, but if you wanted ribs -- that he would gladly sell you. John was selling ribs for $8.95 a slab when I first encountered him (fifty cents more if you wanted them cut apart). They are a few dollars more than that now, at $17.95, but now they are always cut apart. There is another difference, too. Now, the customer is charged tax. You see, in Tuscaloosa, restaurant food is taxed at currently an outrageous nine percent. Prior to a few years ago, the customer did not pay that. Neither did Big Daddy. It was the omission of this nicety that led to the publicity that contributed greatly to the fame and success of Dreamland. Big Daddy sold ribs and buried money in the backyard. He never bothered with state sales tax, and, I suspect, not much other tax, either. Somebody noticed this a few years ago and Dreamland was taken to court. By that Dreamland Neighborhood: Jerusalem Heights East Tuscaloosa, AL 35405 United States of America time, Dreamland (the one location), had already become something of an institution. This was due, in part, to some very visible free publicity. You see, Tuscaloosa is the home of the Crimson Tide. That is, it is the home of the University of Alabama, which, for many years, fairly or not, has been known more for its football team than its academics. ESPN often broadcast from Tuscaloosa and the broadcasters were much taken with Dreamland, never failing to mention it in the course of calling the football games (or basketball). They were largely responsible for turning this restaurant into an immensely busy and integrated operation. Nearly as many white folks as black now crowded into the place, particularly on weekends. So what does a local judge do to an institution of this importance to the town? A brilliant solution to the dilemma occurred to the court. Dreamland was sentenced to serve free ribs, once a year (in perpetuity, I think) to a local facility for mentally handicapped people, as much as they could reasonably eat. It was this event that propelled Dreamland into the national scene with stories describing it in newspapers from coast to coast. So the sauce was bottled and sold, satellite Dreamlands opened in Northport (a sort of suburb of Tuscaloosa), Birmingham, Mobile, and Huntsville. Eventually, Dreamland franchised. Now, all of the other locations departed from the original philosophy that you could order anything you wanted, as long as you wanted ribs. Kids menus, 'pulled BBQ', chicken, and other impure foods, along with side dishes were introduced. These were available everywhere but the original Dreamland, which, as I said, remained pure and true to its original mission, except that it now paid taxes. This icon remains. It is still a shack, surrounded by numerous dogs seeking scraps, and surrounding the original pit. It still brings platters of ribs and heaps of white bread to slop up the fantastic sauce, which generously covers the ribs and is additionally provided in Styrofoam cups. Side dishes are still limited to the bags of potato chips behind the bar, but you can order banana pudding for dessert. The service remains incredibly fast, good, friendly, and almost hebephrenically cheerful. The ribs are still splendid, firm enough to provide a mouthful to chew and tender enough to chew it. The sauce has never changed, a red sauce that has both a vinegar and tomato base, sneaky hot and only a hint sweet. Perfect. Actually, there is more to the base, but I'll never tell and the imitations have not found it. The sauce is no longer made on the premises so the strategy I used to discover the ingredients can not be applied. Despite being always crowded and busy, the atmosphere is invariably friendly, containing customers who appear to have no complaints -- ever -- and who are visibly enjoying themselves. I have never seen a fight or even a Dreamland Neighborhood: Jerusalem Heights East Tuscaloosa, AL 35405 United States of America serious unpleasantness. They have a thriving take-out business and an overflowing group on the premises, but virtually no wait for anyone, or, perhaps, I have just been lucky when there. But I have been going there for over forty years, sometimes sitting at one of the four wooden tables or equal number of booths, sometimes taking it home to enjoy over the next two days. No matter how much I buy, it never lasts longer than that. I suppose if I had no access to any other food, I would eventually tire of the very limited menu, but that is a theoretical supposition. It hasn't happened yet. When I dropped by to take the picture in this review, I ordered three slabs of ribs to go. I turned around and took a picture of the menu on the wall, the only menu there has ever been. It hadn't changed except for the prices in the forty years I have been a customer and, I am told, the nineteen previous years of the restaurant's existence. As I turned back to the server to ask her to add an extra quart of sauce, she handed me my order. It couldn't have been two minutes. I am writing this the same night. There aren't many ribs left. I came home and put the containers on the counter. Margaret, my wife, asked whether we could "snitch" a little. Neither of us sat down; we were too busy "snitching." Two of the slabs were gone before our nearly eight year old granddaughter came to visit and help us attack the last slab. Funny thing, Margaret never really liked ribs before we found Dreamland. How can you rate this as a restaurant? It has none of the amenities of a family restaurant or a fine dining establishment. It has its own ambiance, not easily compared to any other. If you want ribs, it's a five star restaurant; if you don't, don't go there.
  13. I thought I would just add to this original post. I found this Front Avenue grill on CL, asking 150.00 and its 2 or 3 years old. Has anyone had this grill for any length of time? Does it have cast iron or stainless burners? What is your opinion of the grill Owner said he paid 500.00 for the grill new from costco.
  14. I thought I would pass this article along. He has some creative names for the steps a lot of us use when we bbq or smoke ribs. I have never tried it on gas and as long as I have a weber charcoal I never will. Ribs in the oven and on a gas grill just are not ribs to me. We all have a special rub and sauce so I wont even open that subject up. LOL Its a good read and may have some tips you might like. Sorry if this has been posted in the past. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/craig-goldwy...614121.htmlArti
  15. Thats it. I hope to have a look at it tomorrow. It looks good in the pic but Ill have to see how the interior looks. Where do I buy burners as the Weber site didnt have any listed for this model? Thanks for posting the pic and all you guys feedback.