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  1. Thanks Sinko, I lived in Miami for 10 years and I am familiar with the Caja China/Cubana. It works great, but they do not handle 100-150 lb. pigs. I could build one, but I am more traditional in grilling. I had four Argentinian buddies that showed me the "holy grilling grayle/bible way to BBQ and I am stuck with that method - heat below or on the side and not on top. The smoke gun is cool. I will attach a used and converted fire extinguisher as a smoking device or just drop in some chips once in a while during the roasting. Those smoking guns and cylinders are great because you control the smoke and you do not have to baby sit it. When I BBQ, it's usually for an army of people and that's why I have to custom build this Roaster. Later amigo, Lou
  2. Dear Folks I am building a enclosed BBQ grill with a rotary motor out of a 250 gal. water tank. My question is to determine what is better in the overall roasting of a 100-150 lb. pig to get acurate demensions for the build, especially the rotating area needed and the E-Z Q Grilling type of basket. Down here in Nicaragua they do it the old fashion way with a pole through the pig rotating it manualy. The pig is slightly opened but not sown up. I have seen a hundred videos on the internet and I cannot decide which is the best way to roast a pig in a enclosed rotating gril: - Split Open - Opened naturally, but not sown up - Completely Closed. I will be using natural hardwood charcoal and kick in with some smoke. The offset grill design has the coal-heat and smoke like a smoker but on the side and not the end. The heat/smoke box section, will have the same lenght of the entire grill and the inlet for heat and smoke much more open than your usual smoker. The heat smoke box will be below and to one side of the rotating pig. I like the enclosed grill because it seems that I will have better control over all the elements - heat, smoke and probably cut down on time. Taking the same size pig and roasting it, how would you answer thew following questions. I have my own opinion, but let me hear from the pros. Time - Which way is the quickest? - Split Open I imagine would be the fastest. - Opened naturally, but not sown up would take the average time. - Closed sown up probably takes more time. Flavor/Taste - Which has the better taste if that's a question to ask at all. - Split and Opened naturally would have the same taste effect from that cooking. - The Closed Sown Up pig could be stuffed with pineapple, spices and other liquids (beer, cheep wine) that would not run out. O.K. I hope I did not confuse anyone on my basic question on what's the best or better way to raost a pig in a enclosed rotary grill. I would really appreciate some pro comments and suggestions. Thank, Lou