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  1. Holy Smokes! (Ha, no pun intended) Those look GREAT!
  2. Hey, Giddy I say go for it! I want to see pics and a write up about the project, however. I am thinking of doing basicaly the same thing (and I have been using my p.o.s. chargrill for 8 years, uncovered, out in the sun and rain, and the tub is still in great, usable shape) If I could find a 500, 700, 1000 dollar drop in that would absolutely last that long with no exterior rust, Id get it, but it seems to me that we can only expect 5 years or so out of a "cheap" 800 dollar grill. Screw that...I will stick with the tried and true, If I can.
  3. Haaa...that was me. 120 bucks to have it shipped via UPS, though. I dunno...
  4. Where is this home depot and do you have a phone number to that location for me?
  5. Glad they got around to getting those damn knobs off the work surface and put them on the front where they belong!
  6. Well, I guess what I'm saying is that I have been REALY happy with the longevity of even the cheap-o "CharGrill". Sure, the burners, flavorizer bar, and grait has been replaced, but that was not much. The actual grill head, or tub, that is made of Aluminumn has performed phenominaly, given it's age and storage conditions. Rather then SS (wich is apparently hit or miss, shy of the $2,000+ mark) I wondered if anyone knows of a drop-in grill that has all ofthe fetures...SS burners, grate, flavorizer bar, or some combo of them, with a side burner and rottiserie burner, or some kind of sear burner....but where the tub itself is made of the cast aluminum. Sure, it is likely to be cheaper in price, but even if it was not, I am very happy with the longevity of the aluminumn "cheapo" i have now and would gladly pay for that piece of mind on the same but drop-in model...
  7. WOW! That is NICE! So you took grill on a cart and just mounted the whole thing? I LIKE it. I would LOVE to know how or see pictures of the build...
  8. WOW! That is NICE!
  9. Hey guys...I am sure there are PLENTY of "new guy" threads started on here but I did not know how to find them. I will try to learn how all this works. Hopefully I can get some advice or at least pointed in the right direction. Sooo...a little background: I have an 8 year old "Char-Grill" that has been used hundreds and hundreds of times and has sat out in the weather (In Houston TX, mind you) for every one of those 8 years. The cart is showing its age and I have replaced the burners, grate, and vaporizer bar 1 time only. But the actual "tub" is in great shape. In short, for a $200 dollar grill, it has been AWSOME, and is actually still working. I think it is made of cast aluminum. Now: I am looking to build an outdoor kitchen, and obviously it will need a drop-in grill. I have seen the drop in's from 400 to 8,000 bucks. I have read about the problems with steel being crap nowadays, etc. I have $1000.00 to spend and for that hoped to get a 30+" grill with a rotiserie burner and rotiserie, as well as a side burner...all in a drop in grill. I think I can, but it will be a cheap P.O.S. as far as construction. I am NOT buying a $2,000+ grill. After thinking about it, I determined that I did not realy NEED a stainless, but instead have been real impressed with the "Char-Grill" built out of cast aluminum. My question is, are there any "drop-in" grills that still have the quality components inside, but the outside is cast aluminum rather then stainless steel of some variety, that also comes with a side burner and some kind of searing burner and/or rotiserie burner? Brands, pics, prices, etc...whatever yall can think of or if you know of a steal on a 304 SS grill with sme of these extras... Also, could I just take a quality cart grill, either remove the cart and just mount the tub as normal (taking all the precautions against heat, et) or build the cart, grill, and all into a counter so it does not look like that is what I did? Thanks in advance, guys!