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Switched fro NG to LP

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Have not been using my traditional gassers much so I converted the AOG to propane this morning. You have to like RH Peterson when they sell you an AOG or Firemagic they give you all the orifices needed to jump back and forth between the different fuel sources.


Now have my Vidalia, Phoenix's and Hollands set up for NG. Weber and AOG are now up and running on LP.


Quick update on the AOG. She is still a very nice grill, gets very hot allowing a superb sear on meat. I have been moving away form searing meat lately but every now and again I do a reverse sear. The temps across the grates are steady read no hot spots. Temp control is one area AOG shines.


I mentioned in my reviiew that it has a very shallow drip pan which I thought may be an issue. That problem has never materialized.


Grill is easy to clean and maintain. I still think the arrangement on the warming rack is a PIA and could be better designed.


The back burner (IR ROTIS) does a great job rotising birds but I still prefer my older Genesis w/o the IR ROTIS burner when spinning birds. I have never rotised ribs on the AOG but the Genesis does a great job on them. As I said before my Hollands make the best chicken I produce and it has no rotis so I have not done much rotising lately or cooking of chicken on my traditional gassers.

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