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China Red: Back to the Future!

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This is actually a reply to Mike's question on another thread, but felt it belongs here.

I took pictures of the 8 racks of ribs on the warming rack. But it is either still on the camera or was accidentally deleted when transferring other pictures to the computer. This was a rush job, because I was only planning on doing about 5 racks of ribs. 3 baby backs and 2 regular. Last minute increase in guest list, I had to get three more standard size slabs of ribs.


There was not enough room on the warming rack in its normal position, so I had to quickly rig up two wood block to support the warming rack in the middle of the grill. I was able to use two wire rib racks, the type that hold ribs on the edge. 4 slabs of ribs on each rack. So there was two sets of ribs place end to end. (I have the old 5 burner JA, 36" wide grates area).


Ribs came out very tasty, but texture were not consistent. This could have been good, since some like them falling off the bones, while other like a more firm texture. Baby backs were firm.


I believe 6 slabs is the most you can do at one time and maintain adequate spacing between the ribs.



I've often wondered how well those vertical racks worked. I always thought they were more a gimmick. What happens when you start to baste, applying the glaze sauce would just drip off, no? Maybe I'll grab a couple (Lowes has a 40% off all grill accessories this week), if I can still find any inventory. Should of grabbed them Monday, I saw only two left (I think they were $12.95 regular price), I did grab a couple extra pairs of ss tongs and a few bags of mesquite chips.


Right about the assorted texture, I like mine a little chewy (babybacks only), but my Dad complained yesterday, saying his China Reds did not "fall off the bone" as he likes! To each his own! Gotta produce a variety for all the folks to be happiest! Mike

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