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Charbroil Commercial 4 burner overview

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Update for 2013 spring -


I knew this grill would need grates and flame tamers but decided to inspect it to see what condition the rest of it was in -


Exterior - Still looks decent and cleans up well

Cabinet - good condition

Grates - need replaced (rusting in spots badly)

Flame tamers - need replaced (rusting and falling apart)

Burners - good condition actually

Burner carryover tubes - poor condition and the screws that hold them down are rusted/not working well.

Firebox - some rust on the sides and bottom but the big issue(s) is the rust around the flame tamer rear posts and the burner tubes rear holders. Rust has caused these to be suspect and in fact one flame tamer post broke off when cleaning. The holders for the burners did not come off but their condition is suspect to me especially after the flame tamer post broke and was similar in appearance.


Note - I fixed the broken flame tamer rear post by drilling out from the back of the grill a small hold and threading a stainless steel screw in it's place.


I researched replacement parts and anywhere from 100-150 it appears which seems a lot for a grill that cost 300 new. Given the cost of parts and my concerns about the firebox holding up for another five years I decided it was time to get a new Weber Genesis ep-330. The CB grilled well and the only complaint I have is I wish the Firebox and parts to connect things was built a bit more robust because if they were I would of bought new grates and other parts.


If you are wondering the CB was always outside though covered when not in use and during spring/summer/fall used 3-5 times a week on average. Winter due to cold/snow it was still used but maybe a handful of times a month.


Edit 5/13/2013 - Additional Thoughts

Charbroil support was polite, easy to understand and helped me out when I contacted them with questions or issues. I haven't talked to them since last year though so you never know if they changed but when I did use them I give them high marks.


Overall this grill for the occasional griller is not a bad deal given it's low cost and design. Someone who could store this grill in a garage or somewhere out of the elements it would last longer than what I witnessed. For anyone who grills a lot and leaves this grill outdoors most of the time you might want to think about a different brand if you want something long lasting. I want to add one nice feature is you can convert it from NG to LP and back. I am not even sure CB makes this grill anymore and instead makes a Infrared commercial 4 burner which has a different grilling system.

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