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DCS - Made by Fischer Pakel

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Yeah, them GE parts are very high! The burners and grates have the exact same dimensions as the 36" DCS. I will need some new cast iron burners eventually. May order one of the aftermarket burners ($70 versus $140 GE), and if it fits, order 2 more.


Would love SS grates too, but the grates I have are holding up pretty well for now. The splatter shield between the burners and grate is another story. I've had to reweld them a couple of times, and I am going to build my own shield with some stainless I have.


The guy I bought it from advertised it on Craigslist for $500 and got no takers. I never saw that ad, but I found it later. At the day he needed to move from his house and into an apartment, he lowered the price to $200. I was the first to e-mail him, and when I went to pick it up he had already gotten 30 more e-mails. But I was first, and am grateful he waited for me to arrive and get it. New, this grill and cart was easily 3 grand.


Well, got around to buying some heat plates and 3 new cast iron burners. As I suspected, the DCS burners are identical to the ones in my GE Monogram grill. Next week, I'll order the HD SS grates.


One small concern is my old burners had some burner ports in the V shaped area of the burner, the new burners have what looks like mold marks for the holes, but no holes are present in any of the V shaped area.


Should I leave it alone for now? I did season the burners last night, what a smelly job in the oven... Whew!

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DCS was founded in 1987. In 2004, they were bought by Fischer Paykel (big Australian/New Zealand firm). F&P has a big manufacturing facility in Huntington Beach, CA in addition to NZ and Australia. The leading guys at DCS didn't last long at F&P as they saw their product declining in quality in a move to outsourcing and mass marketing (according to them of course). Five of them left to form Capital Cooking Equipment.


The ceramic tubes in hte DCS grills are interesting and ceramic is a proven way to radiate heat, but I've heard the tubes are very prone to breakage as they are brittle - its a good idea, but maybe tubes aren't the best way to exectute the technology. DCS/FP seem to use quality materials, but the fit and finish isn't quite there for a product this expensive in my opinion, so maybe the former founders of DCS are right ......


Many years ago (about 24) I bought a Sunbeam gas grill. It had lava rocks and everything you cooked caught fire if you tried to use any more than lowest heat and or indirect cooking. So I designed a "heat tube" setup running left to right. I made them from heavy steel square stock. My theory and I proved it out by viewing smoke circulation was the burner(s) would heat the tubes and hot air would circulate out from the ends of the tubes and would act like a convection oven. I have to say the setup worked wonderfully. I kept that grill for quite some time until I got my Genesis in early spring of 93. When my friend moved here from England I gifted him the Sunbeam in 2000. He modified the design slightly by welding the tubes together and cutting heat slots in them. He loved my Genny so much he bought one in 02 and I took the grill north to MN for my father in law's lake house and it was used there until he died in 05. But those "tubes" REALLY were the bomb. Looks like DCS stole my idea ;)

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I didn't know that Fisher Paykel produce grills as well. After your comments I understand that they are easy to use, clean and the food prepared on them is delicious. So maybe I will give them a try!

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