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PGS Restoration Project

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Didn't know if I should post this under the PGS section or here. Figured here is better.

I acquired a PGS K40 Natural gas grill on Sunday. It came with the purchase of our beach house this spring. It was sitting on the side of the house covered and no way to tell when it was last used. I decided awhile back I did not want to use it and a through a trade ended up with a brand new Ducane 3100 NG which is on our deck at the beach and I am more then happy with.

Anyway, after I completed all the work on our beach place I wanted to take on another project so I decided to restore the PGS K40. I loaded it into the back of my wagon and took it home from the beach on Sunday.

It has rock solid stainless cooking grates, needs a new burner and new ceramic briquettes as well as an ignitor and collector box and a coat of paint,power washing and some stainless polish. Other then that, it is a really nice, well built grill.


So far I bought a can of flat black high temp. engine paint and painted the hood and grill box(all cast aluminum).

I power washed it first and have bought a new burner and ceramic briquettes. I also power washed the grates.

The lower grates that hold the ceramic briquettes over the burner are in very good shape so no work to be done there.


I am going to install a new ignitor, possibly a piezo instead of the battery one, the new burner and paint the pedestal base a dark gray gloss. It will look and work like new but alas I will sell it. Someone on Craig's List is gonna get a dam nice grill when I'm done. Oh, it has the infrared rotisserie burner option too. Can't tell too much about how that works all I know is that it is not the typical ceramic block type of design.


I will post pics of the finished product when complete! :)

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