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New member to the boards, first pics

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Hey guys, I have been absent from the board for a while. Thanks for the comments and PMs.


I am still looking for a good deal on a WSM!


Here are some ribs I made a while back, my first attempt, they turned out very well!



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More recently I made up a juicy rib eye steak with grilled asparagus and artichoke hearts... the vegtables turned out exteremly well and were a big hit with my family. On the side was a cream cheese and dill potato salad, made a great meal.


The steak was seasoned with montreal steak spice and added garlic and onion powder.


The asparagus and artichoke hearts were seasoned with minced garlic, fresh ground black pepper and sea salt, with a healthy splash of lemon and lime juice.


Enjoy the pics!











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Comments welcome.


Here is what the final product looked like;





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Looking good!


Way back when I was a kid, that first little grill you had was an "upgrade" for us! My dad took four cinder blocks, placed them on the patio, added charcoal and the rack from our oven, and that is how we grilled for years, until he "acquired" that little grill on his letter carrier route.


It was funny because years later, I used the same cinder block setup in North Carolina at a cabin, to grill up some steaks.


My father actually uses his Weber grill (gas) just to start the coals and cooks over that.

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