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Don S

Rolltisserie by Southern Pride

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I had a chance to test drive the new Consumer Smoker that Southern Pride is marketing. It is called the Rolltisserie and is designed for barbecuing enthusiasts that want to take their best bbq on the road! Here's a link to their website so you can view the picture and specs etc.


Here are my observations, comments and suggestions.


I loved the automatic nature of this tailgate unit, temperature controls and rotisserie advance

I thought the unit couldn't have looked any more commercial/professional in it's design characteristics -- well done!

It was very easy to maneuver and put on and off the hitch of my truck.

I did not like the fact that the racks had to be removed completely to get at the bottom rack.

I would like to see some sort of clip on the top rack that would secure it and would allow you to easily remove it to access the bottom rack.

Since it is first and foremost a smoker (as you know I owned an SPK700 - so I have plenty of experience to make comparisons) the owner will surely want to cook pork butts on it.

The rack system is a little too light weight and has a tendency to get out of balance as butts on the bottom rack begin to shrink. That is even with a little extra care in positioning them on the bottom rack. I noticed that the racks were hitting below the door during the later part of the cooking process, until I went back in and made some minor adjustments.

The Rolltisserie certainly can be used for items such as ribs, chicken, fish and sausage when using it as a tailgater - but with it's capabilities I am sure that the user will quickly say, OK, how can I incorporate some bbq pork into my offering?

Some questions about warranty and repair!

Is the owner going to be expected to make repairs as necessary for items such as switches, rack rollers, fan blades and fan motors? I will submit that anyone who is going to buy this unit for the current retail pricing is going to be a high end consumer and expect service like you would expect from companies like Viking, who have a "retail" presence.


Additional comments:

I would love to see a unit that is on heavy duty legs with heavy duty casters, that can be put outdoors (away from combustible surfaces) This would enable the Rolltisserie to be marketed to the consumer bbq enthusiast that is not going to be interested in towing his Rolltisserie, but using it as a stationary smoker. I am now one of those "people" and feel that the extra cost of the trailer package, including wheels and fancy rims, plus larger storage box ads more cost than is necessary for a stationary application.


As a past owner of an SPK 700 that loved to cook high quality bbq I appreciated the opportunity to test this unit and to pass along my observations.

Please keep me posted if and when Southern Pride decides to offer a non-mobile Rolltisserie! I feel the design of this unit has many advantages in terms of performance over the SC200, which I also evaluated a while back.


Thanks again.


Don Solar

The Barbecue Source

I can't wait for the "stationary" unit. Holding my breath and hand on my wallet!

A few pics from July 4th -- sorry there aren't more!







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Very cool Don. Its kind of like the rib-o-lator moving around in the cook chamber. Nice review.

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Perhaps they'd like to donate one to the "Source" so that members can rotate it around for a year to give some serious feedback. I'll volunteer to be first on the list to try it out across the rest of this month, Aug, Sept and Oct! ;)



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