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Screwed up my rib eye steak.

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Another method I have tried and with wonderful results (so good it's now my got method) is the reverse sear method. Very slow roast until internal temp to your liking. (I ususally get them off about 120 to 125). At this point they're pretty much cooked but not rested and not nice to look at. I than rest them tented loosely under foil. During this 10 to 15 minute rest I get the grill screaming hot. Than I sear them quickly (usually lid up BTW) this keeps internal temp from rising much if at all. Put the sear on them take them off and enjoy.

This works especially well with ribeyes since ribeyes are very close to the chuck. They have far more connective tissue than say a strip. This allows the slow low cooking to break down the connective tissue and gently melt some of the fat internally to lubricate the meat fibers. Also visually it gives you a stunning steak. There will be no gray band it will be perfect doneness right out to the crust.

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