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Show me a SEAR station

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Posted 02 October 2010 - 03:59 PM

OK I hear the new Genny's will have a sear station can someone show show me a photo of a weber with one. Also please let me know how they work and why I need one.


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Posted 02 October 2010 - 04:04 PM

OK I hear the new Genny's will have a sear station can someone show show me a photo of a weber with one. Also please let me know how they work and why I need one.


There's really nothing to see with the Weber. They just have an additional regular (but lesser btu than the regular ones) burner between the middle two regular burners.

the Genny will most probably be a ceramic infra red burner just like all the others in most grills.

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Posted 02 October 2010 - 04:37 PM

You can see a sear station on the Weber website, but there is not much to look at. The Weber sear station is just an extra burner. On the Summit 470 it is between burners 2+3; on the 670 it is between burners 3 and 4. The regular burners on the Summit 470 are 12,200 BTU; the regular burners on the 670 are 10,000 BTU. The extra 'sear burner' is 10,600 BTU.

There are basically 3 ingredients here: the food, the grill grates, and the burners. If you think about it, when two regularly spaced burners are on, the area of the grill grates above them get pretty hot. Now add a 3rd burner also heating that exact same area. The grill grates get a lot hotter. Now, put a steak on the those grates after they have heated up fully. Is it just "pretty hot" or is it "a lot hotter"? If it is "a lot hotter," the steak gets darker sear marks, a faster, thicker sear crust, and cooks faster overall which means that there is less cooking time for the steak to shrink and/or dry out.

Other grill brands use a ceramic block perforated with lots of little holes for gas to flow through, as an IR sear station. The gas burns, heats the ceramic bright red, and the heat radiating off that heats the grill grates "a lot hotter," and that gives a sear.

TEC grills have an IR burner under a special sheet of IR-transparent glass. The glass blocks convection heat totally, and it also catches all the drippings, keeping your IR burner clean and allowing a huge amount of IR radiant heat to hit the grates. Meanwhile the drippings smoke up on the glass and flavor the meat, rather than dripping down off the flavorizer bars. The consensus around here seems to be that these grills get hotter and give a better sear than any other method. They are also commensurately more expensive. They may be easier to keep clean, too.

We haven't really seen the new Genesis sear station but everyone supposes it'll be what's currently on the Summit - an extra burner.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it- unless I get a good non-stick sear, of course!
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